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Grant Agri (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a collective group of companies that provide long-term, demand driven, agriculture commodity supply chains to create food security for nations. It is a complete horizontal and vertical integration in agribusiness.

The group have created a closed loop of supply chain in beef, which allows for long term supply of beef at pricing not effected by food price inflation, and quality unrivalled because it is delivered as fresh and traceable.

The Beef Industry in Malaysia

Malaysia imports around 90% of its beef needs. The predominantly 28 million+ Muslim population demand fresh Halal slaughtered beef as well as goat meat and lamb.

Currently beef is mostly imported frozen, with some chilled, from India, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. The very small number of live cattle imports into Malaysia comprise Australian, Thailand and Indian cattle. These live cattle are slaughtered mostly in small abattoirs, with only one currently being compliant under the new ESCAS regulations of Australia.

Over the last few years, the Malaysian Government, following fears concerning its national food security, commenced investing significant monies into local national development programs.

Malaysia’s national food security policy objectives can be summarised as seeking to;

  1. Increase output and productivity of agro-food sector.
  2. Provide enough, safe and good quality food for its local people’s consumption.
  3. Promote agricultural entrepreneurship.

Beef especially is considered a “High Priority Program”.

Malaysia – A Global Halal Hub

Muslim consumers have given an increased attention to their foods particularly the need for them to be considered Barakah.

It has long been the goal of the Malaysian Government to establish Malaysia as a global Halal hub for the promotion, distribution and production of Halal products and services to the Muslim countries all over the world.

Since 1959 Malaysia has taken steps that have been regarded as making it an international pioneer in researching and developing Halal products. Malaysian Halal Certification for food and consumable goods are issued by the sole authority of the Islamic Development Department Malaysia (JAKIM) or State Islamic Religious Council (JAIS) who are highly recognised and recommended in the international market. Today, Malaysia remains the only country in the world who’s Halal Certification is issued by the Government, rather than by Islamic Associations.

The launching of the Malaysian Halal Standard MS1500:2004 demonstrates the Governments commitment to Halal Compliance and Assurance.

Grant Agri – Integrated Beef Supply

The company has already developed an integrated livestock farming and beef supply process for the importation of livestock from Australia & Thailand to Malaysia, with feedlots, slaughtering processing, packing in Malaysia. Malaysia sets one of the highest, and cohesive, standards in Halal certification globally, thus enabling Grant Agri to take a central role in delivering the “Halal Hub” goal for beef in Malaysia. Forming part of the group, the company currently own;

  • Australian Livestock Export Licence & Thailand Quarantine Centre, being one of only a handful of exporters with the commensurate expertise and strict ESCAS systems in place to allow for ongoing external performance audits by the Australian & Thailand Government.
  • Team of buyers and suppliers across Australia & Thailand for sustainable and continued supply of high quality live cattle.
  • A comprehensive logistics network consisting of local Australian livestock transport, shipping and air freight and Thailand livestock trucking and Malaysian livestock trucking assets.
  • Malaysian Livestock Import Licence, with the largest quota for import in Malaysia.
  • A network of feedlots and farm facilities in Malaysia to handle large volumes of live cattle.
  • Operator license for the only approved slaughter facility in Malaysia, at Shah Alam Abattoir.
  • Processing expertise, including Australian technology and know how in processing, boning and packaging and cold storage of meat in Malaysia.
  • Coldstorage facilities across Peninsula Malaysia to allow for a comprehensive support distribution network.
  • Land in Selangor, Perak & Kedah for the development and construction of a new Export Grade Abattoir

Rimaunangis (Malaysia’s Beef Brand)

Grant Agri has developed a local brand for the domestic Malaysian market known as “Rimanuangis”.

Rimaunangis follows the traditional Malay story of the crying tiger who craved for the best cut of beef. The tiger would only eat the best cuts and protected its prey from others whilst it fed. Steeped in cultural heritage, Malay mothers still to this day send their children to the local market to only buy the, time honored, “Rimaunangis” cuts from the local butchers.

Rimaunangis is the story of Malaysian beef, and a brand that the Malay community has deep affinity with.

“Bespoke” Solutions for Supermarket Chains & Buying Groups

Grant Agri offers long term supply solutions to major supermarket groups, grocery chains and buying groups, that provide fixed pricing and locked-in quantities based on a long-term supply contract. These are based on whole carcass utilization, with Grant Agri contracting the supply of quantity of cattle numbers per month, processed to specification to meet the retailers specific customer demands.

Pricing is based on whole processed carcass, wherein buyers utilize the entire edible potion of the animal for selected tray pack products and or, manufactured items such as sausages or beef patties.

Such products can be "co-branded" or "home-branded". This allows retailers to promote new products to market and provide a greater range of beef products to their customers.

Purchasing on the basis of whole processed carcass dramatically reduces supply costs, by averaging the cost over the whole useable animal, rather than variable costs per primal cut specification. Beef is also fresher, livestock being processed on a need-by-need basis rather than being imported in bulk and stored until retail. A virtual "daily fresh" product.


Correct packing of meat is crucial to overall quality and shelf life of the product, which in turn affects the return to the customer/buyer. Grant Agri offer a variety of packing options including;

1. Individually Wrapped – wrapped in an approved film, stock netting or bag.

2. Layer Packed – carton containing two or more layers.

3. Multi-Wrapped – single bag containing two or more items.

4. Tray Packed – rigid base container covered with a plastic film.

5. Modified Atmosphere Packed (MAP) - “retail ready”, the container is flushed with a mixture of gases to remove oxygen and impermeable to outside air and moisture.

6. Vacuum Packed – vacuum sealed removing oxygen from the packaging. This can improve meat quality, and can be adapted to tray pack packaging.

7. Specialty retail packaging - is available to promote shelf life, including triple layer film on Vacuum Tray packs, with the ability to peal back the top layer to allow for oxidization once on the retail refrigerated display shelf thus allowing meat to have a nice red colour at point of sale.

Traceability, Sustainability, Quality

Grant Agri is committed to the sustainable development of food supply systems. It ensures all collaborative partners and supplies meet our strict standards. Grant Agri ensure;

  • All cattle are 100% Malaysian grown with no hormones, and sustainably raised by selected Grant Agri.
  • Beef is certified “Halal” in compliance with Jakim standards and protocols.
  • A fully integrated quality management system incorporating all aspects of good manufacturing practices, food safety and HACCP programs is in place at all primary processing and further processing plants.
  • Established safety, health and environment management systems into all facilities and the distribution chain.
  • A comprehensive and integrated sustainability strategy centred on managing water, minimising their impact on the environment, reducing energy use and carbon footprint, achieving zero waste and support of local communities.
  • Grant Agri has a real-time traceability program that tracks and measures the performance the entire supply chain.

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