Tech Tip Thursday December 1, 2016

Full disclosure: Chrome is, by far, my favorite browser.

One of my favorite features of Chrome is the ability to use an incognito window. An incognito window allows users to open a new window without being logged in to any specific accounts and WITHOUT saving any history or cookies. Additionally, any login information that is entered while in an incognito window is NOT stored and will not show up when a new window is opened.

While you may be thinking, "That could only lead to trouble..." there are several totally legitimate and valid reasons to use incognito windows.

Keep in mind, some schools will block incognito windows for students and teachers.

How do I open an incognito window?

There are a few ways to open an incognito window.

The first way is to click on the three dots (aka- the Chrome menu) in the top right hand corner of the browser. Then, select New incognito window.

You can also click on your Name, next to the minimize and maximize buttons, if you are logged in to Chrome. Then select Go incognito.

Afterwards, a new incognito window will open. Your original window will still be open, too!

Here are 4 reasons to try out an Incognito window:

You are using a shared computer.

When using a shared computer, log in using an incognito window! When you are finished, just close out of the window and you will be automatically logged out and no history from your searches or logins will be saved!

Using an incognito window will help ensure that the next person on the public computer does not have access to any of your account information!


Check links that you want to share out.

If you are a Google Drive user, chances are you have shared a document with someone at sometime or another. An incognito window is a GREAT way to check the shared links before you send them out!

Just copy the link that you want to share and then paste it into an incognito window! This will allow you to see the public version of the link without being logged in to any specific account. This is a great way to make sure your permission settings are correct!


What I see logged in as me.

What everyone else with just the link sees.

If I planned to share the above link publicly, trying it out first in an incognito window lets me know that I need to adjust my sharing setting before sending out the link!

Researching on the down low.

Sometimes you might want to research something without your history being saved.

Perhaps you are trying to plan a surprise trip for someone special or you are researching a medical condition. Do your research in an incognito window and your history is erased as soon as you close the window!

Buying a Gift

Is your spouse or child a snoop when it comes to gifts?

Do your online shopping this Christmas in an incognito window so that there is no way to see your browsing history.

Let Chrome help keep your gift a surprise!

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Laura Sprinkle - Digital Learning Specialist


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