Good Life Tour of the Harn Maleke orozco

Medium of the Art

This statue of the Dancing Ganesh caught my eye as I entered the Asian section of the Harn Museum. Looking at this statue through a picture is not the same as seeing it in person because the statue is beautifully crafted with extreme detail in black stone. The artist took the rigid stone and created a dancing god with a fleshy appearance. The extreme detail that the artist put into this statue strikes me the most because they were able to take the stone and portray the friendly attitude that Ganesh is known for having. Looking at this piece of art made me feel like I should go and celebrate.

Design of the Museum

I really enjoyed the outdoor garden that was present at the Harn Museum. I had visited the museum late in the afternoon so the setting sun provided a natural lighting that displayed all the different colors and aspects of the garden. The garden made me feel very relaxed with the beautiful plants on all sides and the waterfall trickling in the corner. I think this space is interesting because it is meant to show the beauty of nature rather than a piece of art made by an individual.

Art and Core Values

One core value that I believe in strongly is family. I think that no matter what family should always stick together because the people you call family will be the ones who help you out the most in life. This piece of art gives me the sense of family as it shows a group of individuals, elderly and young, sticking together on what it seems to be a journey. I believe that sticking together with a group of people can help to achieve goals and this picture displays that belief.

Art and the Good Life

This piece of art depicts the Good Life themes of Sharing the Good Life and Celebrating the Good Life. The members of this tribe have come together to share in an experience that helps them get closer together as a group. These gatherings are meant for the group to celebrate together and grow in their personal relationships. This picture adds to my understanding of the themes because it shows that people everywhere, in any condition, come together to share experiences and celebrate aspects of life that they believe in.

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