Brown vs. Board of Education By emily Christner

The Brown vs. Board of Education

This court decision to let everyone go to school, no matter what race they were changed the country. It didnt just let everyone go to school. It showed that our country was advancing in its beliefs and that we were a country willing to change for the good of our people. The goal was to give all children equal rights in school, to have it that coloured children didnt have to get a second rate education because of segregation. There was also a smaller goal behind wanting the government to make a ruling about "separate but equal" schooling being unconstitutional because by the court ruling in the favour of Brown, it helped to start the movement to end segregation, it was the building stone for the entire black rights movement. The Brown vs. Board of Education decision involved many children, most of the children did not even understand what they were taking part of until after it was over. There were also many college age students taking a part in going to white schools, they knew what they were doing and understood the advances they were making.

Background info:

The Brown vs. Board of Education decision was made in 1954, in Topeka, Kansas changed public schools around the country. The people of colour were fed up with not having equal rights and getting treated differently than the white people. There were many obstacles when it came to the ruling actually being followed, one of the obstacles was that many of the schools blocked the coloured children from entering the school, and if the children did enter the school many white parents took their children home. Another obstacle was the decision of the actual ruling, there was a lot of debate about whether or not it was constitutional to have the coloured children continue going to schools that were "separate but equal".


Many outcomes from the Brown vs. Board of Education are still prevalent in todays society. We see people still taking the steps to have everyones rights be equal, there are still people trying to get the rights that they deserve. However the main goal of the Brown vs. Board of education did succeed, we see the evidence of that today since all schools are now integrated, we also see it since the brown vs. board educations decision basically started the race revolution in america.

Modern Inequality

A huge modern inequality is the gay rights movements. Although there have been laws that passed about allowing gay marriage and giving them the same amount of rights as everyone else. The main points of issues for gay rights is down south, there are many places that wont let you work there if they find out that you are gay. There are also some places that will not service you if they see that you are gay.


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