Relearning how to do art in a realistic way Diana Saucedo

About me:

Aspiring concept artist for the gaming industry then moving on to aspire as an art director. Just the average bumble bee on the next door flower, minding there own business. Nothing much to know about me since i'm the average bee.

Week one blog

for the first week, i have been brainstorming the idea for my 20% project and figuring out a way to execute it without it being confusing for others/being able to understand my idea.

Week two blog

Figuring out a suitable schedule when I would have the time in each day to practice/do/make in multitasking. Also looking for some good tips/how to be able to read musical notes for the piano and looking for references to be able to move my third mini project forward.

Week three blog

Finishing up last drawings to begin sketching out the very first piece of art in a different style for the project. planning out my schedule and daily goals for me to reach for both my art and piano. slowly learning how to read musical notes for the piano.

Week four blog

Haven't been doing much this week since homework from other classes has gotten my attention. But, i did have some time on my hands to work on my current piece of art work that i am working on. learning the piano hasn't been worked on this week, will resume learning next week.

Week five blog

Was able to come close to finishing my second art piece but did not meet my goal in finishing completely this week. I have also drawn some rough sketches/complete sketches that would hopefully help me in future artwork. I was only able to do three hours of learning the piano keys this week.

Week six blog

Still working on artwork piece number two, coming along nicely, just need a few more hours to finish up completely. I was able to put in more hours for the piano, hopefully i will finally be able to to start practicing the specif song I have chosen for myself.

Week seven blog

I have given my three minute presentation to the panel in my class, I wasn't feel so good after words, I only felt that I did the worst. But, I got some feedback and to my surprise, I didn't do as bad as I initially thought which is good and I will take any feedback that they have given me into great consideration, along with answering any questions that the panel had asked in my future presentation.

Week eight blog

Was able to upload the very first art piece to deviantart and is planning to post the next 11 within one week from each other but due to time constraints, I might by uploading them within 3-5 days from each other. Sadly, I haven't gotten any feedback or tips to improve so, I'm planning to open up a tumbler with my art work also uploaded there and hopefully I will be able to have a better chance to get feedback and stuff. I am also planning to abandon my second part to my project which is learning the piano but not abandon it completely, more like have it on the sideline for just for fun.

Week nine blog

What I managed to accomplish since last week is i upload art work two and I have started on sketch for artwork four and progress with artwork three is almost complete. and plan to get more rough sketches of one or two more of the main art pieces and do some more drawing on paper. My general plan for the symposium is to use one or two or three Chromebooks two showcasing previews/outline/rough sketches of the main art pieces and the last one maybe just showing sketches or showing a whole different median that I worked on along with prepping for the final presentation. There is also a possibility that I may or may not bring my tablet to show a little bit of what I do on the tablet.

Week ten blog

I am giving my symposium to my classmates since I was unable to give it to the public. My progress with the 12 main pieces of artwork is going along well and I finished the sketch for the 5th piece of art and will work on the next 3 within this week to speed things up and be able to have more time to be able develop my own techniques in coloring in a more realistic type of sense.

Week eleven blog

I have been working quite adequately with the coloring techniques that I have seen others use, but, I am still trying to find my own way to do the coloring techniques. With that being said, I will be giving even more time that I have to be able to meet my goals in time for the final ted-talk.

Week tweleve Blog

I completed art pieces number 3 and 4 fully while I am still working on 5. I was able to complete rough sketches of 6 and 7 so that it becomes more easier for me in the final week before I give my final presentation. With that being said, It is more likely that I will stop on 7 when it is done and work on the tutorial for others that I plan to post in deviantart. By the time I upload the tutorial for others to see, I will only have a max of three days to checks its progress and see if I get any comments on it being helpful or not.


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