Parenting Power Video Games provide a gateway for young children to view mature and vulgar topics.

Children become too engrossed in their games and games becomes an addiction for many children.

The small pendant on the neck of Yennefer has a pentagram on it displaying how many developers hide subliminal messages in their games.

Many games that top the market and are sold in bundles with consoles have evil subliminal messages or contain far to much vulgar content. For instance GTA and Mortal Combat both consist of constant violence.

Parents need to limit the amount of time that their children are allowed to play video games in order to ensure they are not introduced to topics that hide within the games. Not all games are bad however, many introduce problematic topics later in the games.

Players of Grand Theft Auto V would recognize this scene from the campaign trailer where Michael DeSanta blows up a cop car. Many games spoof off of movies such as Arkam Knight the Batman game. The second image is apart of the extra content that goes into the evil things that the Joker has done. The game seems harmless but the extra content hooks a player in and draws them into the darker side of the game.


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