Adjunct Faculty Newsletter October 2019

Welcome to our Fall-1 newsletter – We are pleased to welcome our new adjunct faculty members to the Maryville community and to thank our returning adjunct faculty for your outstanding contributions over time. To all of you, we hope the start of your fall term has been positive and that you have been able to incorporate new ideas from the Adjunct Academy into your teaching!

As always, Laura Ross and the Finch Center for Teaching and Learning have compiled an outstanding newsletter for you. This edition includes updates regarding our Adjunct Faculty Workshops with an invitation to all of you to join us for our December event. We appreciate hearing from you about your experiences and hope that you will consider sharing some of your successes as part of our live Demo option at our December workshop.

Also in this edition:

• The University Library is featured below. The librarians are doing an excellent job assisting faculty in preparing materials needed for students to succeed in their courses. They offer LibGuides where they compile key resources into one place to help you and your students focus research energies on content. They also offer free subscriptions, ebooks, and other resources to help you complete your work. Check out this section to learn more about the library materials that can be most helpful to you and your students.

• Many of you know that mental health issues among our students continue to demand our attention. The link from the Counseling Center should help you understand resources available to our students and tips on how to connect students to the Center. Your awareness of these resources will be a great benefit to your students.

As a reminder, this time of year often brings questions about students’ academic honesty. If you have concerns about plagiarism, cheating or other forms of academic dishonesty in your students’ work, PLEASE talk with your program director or assistant dean. We are here to support you as you navigate these important conversations with your students.

Finally, as always, we welcome your feedback on the professional development, resources, and support being shared with you, and we are eager to know if there are additional needs you have. You may connect with your program director, members of the Adjunct Advisory Council, Laura and Jesse, or me with any idea or issue you want to share or address.

Best wishes for a great fall!

Tammy M. Gocial, Ph.D.

Associate Academic Vice President


  • Fall Adjunct Faculty Feedback and Presentation Opportunity
  • Save the Date!
  • Calling All Adjunct Faculty
  • What To Do: Student Mental Health
  • Maryville University Library
  • Center for Teaching and Learning Adjunct Advisory Council - Join us!
  • Adjunct Academy Graduates

Fall Workshop Feedback

Our Fall Adjunct Workshop, held on Thursday, August 15th, was attended by over 50 participants, 96% of whom were satisfied with the experience. Sessions included, "The First Week of Class," "Active Learning Ecosystem in Your Classroom," "Diversity and Inclusion," and "The Adjunct Faculty Experience."

Because of your feedback from our Fall Adjunct Workshop, our Winter Adjunct Workshop will feature longer sessions that are applicable to advanced and beginning teaching and learning concepts.

It is always great meeting new Adjuncts and connecting with full time people on campus.

Winter Adjunct Workshop: Save the Date!

Please join us on Tuesday, December 17th for our Winter Adjunct Workshop. Dinner and registration begin at 5:30pm.

Participate in a student resource discussion (in person and remotely) during dinner and then engage in the following workshops:

  • Adjunct Faculty Teaching and Learning Demonstrations
  • Teaching Online: Staying Engaged in the Online Classroom (available remotely, details are found in the RSVP)
  • Canvas Workshop
  • Course Design and Assessing Student Learning


From our Fall Workshop survey, we learned that our adjunct faculty are ready to share some of the amazing work they are doing in their classrooms. This winter, we are dedicating time and space to teaching demonstrations featuring our adjunct faculty.

Not sure if this is intended for you? It is! Whether you are new, returning, on ground, or online, we look forward to the opportunity to feature your ideas, talents, and teaching and learning contributions.

We do ask that all those who apply are able to physically attend the Winter Adjunct Workshop on December 17th. In future workshops, we hope that our remote adjunct faculty will be able to join asynchronously.

Click the below button to learn more about the teaching demonstrations we are organizing for our upcoming Winter Workshop. Please contact Laura Ross (lross@maryville.edu) if you have any questions.


As an adjunct faculty member, you may be the first person to whom a student turns for help or you may be one of the first people to notice behaviors that are concerning, whether you teach within the online or on ground environment.

  • Knowing some common causes of distress
  • Identifying possible warning signs of distress
  • Helping a student in distress
  • Referring a student to the Counseling Center (24/7 availability for on ground and online students)

Maryville University Library

Did you know that you get free subscriptions as a member of the Maryville community? Click below to learn how to sign up:

Center for Teaching and Learning

Adjunct Advisory Council

Have you ever wanted to be more involved at Maryville? Make closer connections? Or influence the future of professional development for your adjunct colleagues?

Consider joining our CTL-AAC!

This Center for Teaching and Learning Adjunct Advisory Council aims to consider and improve communication with adjunct faculty, develop ideas for involving adjuncts more broadly on campus and connecting them with campus resources, become more visible on campus and during professional development opportunities, and develop and curate a document outlining best practices when teaching in an adjunct capacity on campus.

The CTL-AAC members will be available to answer your questions and you can sign up for more information during the Adjunct Faculty Winter Workshop on Tuesday, December 17th (details above). Contact Laura Ross (lross@maryville.edu) for more information.

CTL-AAC 2019 members:

College of Arts and Sciences:

  • Christi Branson
  • Michelle Carter
  • Kristen Wellinghoff
  • Duneesha DeAlwis

Walker College of Health Professions:

  • Jane Lackner

School of Education:

  • Mollie Bolton

Simon School of Business:

  • Chris Dufner
  • Dawn Jones

Adjunct Academy Graduates

From 7/14/2019 - 10/1/2019

The Adjunct Academy is a series of online modules delivered through Canvas, Maryville’s Learning Management System (LMS). This course provides adjunct faculty members the opportunity to learn more about the teaching expectations at Maryville as well as the teaching and learning resources available to support you in your work with students. Participation in the Academy is required of all new adjunct faculty and should take between 4-6 hours to complete. Please make time to work through the content and materials and complete the associated tasks. The Academy is asynchronous and can be started/stopped at any time​. Completion is required during your first semester of teaching with us. We do realize that many of you have already begun teaching. Please let us know if this deadline presents a hardship for you and we can make adjustments where necessary.

We have quite a few Adjunct Faculty members who who are not new and have opted to complete the Adjunct Academy too! If you are not added and would like to participate, please contact Laura Ross (lross@maryville.edu)

  • Lilia Anand
  • Allison Ash
  • Javier Baez
  • Amanda Bertholomey
  • David Bowman
  • Elizabeth Branum
  • Timothy Burke
  • Nancy Cairns-Pietrangelo
  • Ronald Carron
  • Arindam Chatterjee
  • Harry Checkett
  • Todd Chmielewski
  • Eileen Conran-Folks
  • Eliot Courtois
  • Scott Crooks
  • Jeanne Dehaan
  • Kate Dell
  • Kristen Difate
  • David Dilthey
  • Matthew Duncan
  • Raymond Edwards
  • Staci English
  • Durvatheheir Esquire
  • Amy Ester
  • Kendra Garcia
  • Lisa Gouwens
  • Courtney Haller
  • Melissa Hatcher
  • Cassandra Hitchcock
  • Cheryl Hohe
  • Susan Honea
  • Stephanie Houin
  • Richard Hunter
  • Brent Jacobs
  • Douglas Jockers
  • John Kamer
  • Kayla Kassakatis
  • Cheryl Kinney
  • Jaclyn Kline
  • Robert Krueger
  • Jane Lackner
  • Michael Lail
  • Holly Ledcke
  • Adam Luebke
  • Tongela McIntosh-Moore
  • Carl Miedich
  • Lary Mohl
  • Natalie Monzyk
  • Crystal Norman
  • Laura O'Hara
  • Mariana Pensa
  • Alice Prince
  • Meghann Pytka
  • Amy Quarton
  • Brent Rapisardi
  • Jonathan Rubin
  • Nicholas Rummell
  • Taryn Sandheinrich
  • Lori Sievers
  • Abigail Sirevaag
  • Alexander Smith
  • Jeanne Smith
  • Jason Stroups
  • Jody Tate
  • Heather Teague
  • Anthony Timmons
  • Lauren VanTalia
  • Tracie Walser
  • Derrick Walters
  • Jenny Ward
  • Teresa Waters
  • Lucy Wilson
  • Rebecca Wilson
  • Veronica Wright
  • Ashley Young
  • Josie Zimmermann
  • Albert Zimmermann