Lily French Photography


This shoot was intended to showcase a compositional point through the use of perspective. The angle and light on the water droplets made them the focus of this photo, which I enhanced through editing. ISO: 200 f/5.6 1/800


I planned for my picture to be taken under the streetlight with fog, but I wasn't able to do that because there weren't any foggy nights this week. 30 sec f/16 ISO 800


My photoshoot this week was centered around creating a bold portrait by using color & pattern. ISO 100 1/10 f/5.6


I wanted my photos this week to represent unity, so I took these pictures at the climate strike of people uniting for a cause. ISO: 800 1/4000 f/7.1


For this week's shoot, I wanted to focus on the use of color to create a feeling of craziness and disorder. 1/10 f/32 ISO 800


In this picture, I wanted to capture the juxtaposition between calm and chaos. (1/20 sec f/16 ISO 800)
I wanted this shoot to represent a combination of masculinity and femininity. I used photoshop to smooth the background and make the dress pink. 1/40 f/5.0 ISO 800
This shoot is supposed to show juxtaposition between the dressed-up subject and the gas station in the background. I did minimal editing on both of these photos. .3 sec f/5.0 ISO 800
This shoot shows juxtaposition between modern technology and and old-fashion subject. I edited in all of the tv screens in photoshop 1/80 f/5.0 ISO 800


This was inspired by the "Venice Beach" by Lana Del Rey. I took this picture through a window and used my reflection to create a shadow around the subject. 1/320 f/5.0 ISO 320
The song that inspired this shoot was "Cinnamon Girl" by Lana Del Rey. I edited the hues to be warmer and reduced the brightness a little bit in photoshop. 1/50 f/5.0 ISO 3200
This shoot was inspired by the Mac Miller song "ROS." I used photoshop to edit in some grain and lower the exposure. 1/1000 f/5.0 ISO 160
This shot was based on the Mac Miller song "Good News." I used photoshop to create a vignette and increase the contrast, and the picture was taken with flash. 1/25 f/5.0 ISO 400
For my "perceptions" shoot I chose to take pictures and interview Roxie Richner, a student at community high school.