Literary Devices By: fuschia carter & deshawna hostled

Oxymoron is a paradox within a sentenced that is minimized into two words. Ex: I will have the jumbo scrimp with extra tardar sauce or the side.
Paradox is an allegation or announcement that seems to be false but actually contains a little bit of truth. Ex: High school was the beginning and the end of the endless rollercoaster that is life.
Parallelism is the use of components in a sentence that are grammatically parallel in construction, sound, and meaning. Ex: Sally constantly obesses over her classwork, her grades, and her future.
Polysyndeton is using too many conjunctions in a sentence. Ex: This year, I will not be overwhelmed or stressed out, because of homework, family, or work.
Pun is using clever word play. Ex: I mustache you a question.
Synecdoche is using a word or phrase to represent a whole. Ex: Busy feet scurried through the crowded halls of Grandview High School.
Juxtaposition is making one idea more exaggerated by putting it next to its total opposite. Ex: The weather last week was shaky it kept switching back and forth from hot to cold.
Jargon is a particular arrangement of language and glossary that is used to identify a certain group or type of people. Ex: Teachers, Real estate agents, veterinarians.
Malapropism is accidentally using a word that has been replaced by another word that sounds the same even thought they have different meanings. Ex: We are all still morning the death of the family dog Mr. whiskers. (mourning)
Irony is utilizing words to deliberate a sentence, word, or phrase that often expresses something other than the actual definition. Ex: Macbeth seems to be loyal to Duncan even though he plans to kill Duncan. Duncan has no knowledge of Macbeth's plans but the audience knows what is going to happen.

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