Christianity By:Sharon chen,courtney hammond


Demographics: People who are followers of Christianity are called Christian. 2.2 Billion people practice Christianity today.Most of Christian live in the United States,Brazil,Mexico,Russia, and the Philippines.


Historical Background:Christianity began in 30 CE when one small group of Jews began visiting a town north of Jerusalem and ministering to the people the leader of this group is Jesus. Christianity began in Israel.


Key person:Jesus,Moses,God


Spread:When Jesus died his message were spread to Jewish temple across the empire, One of the main people that spread it was Paul

Final judgment day

Basic belief: Christian believe in only ONE god.There basic belief are justification in faith.there followers believe in final judgement day. A Christian must not lie,cheat,or sin


Sacred text or holy book: Bible


Sacred place of worship:church


Symbol: A cross ,because Jesus was crusified on one


Holiday:Advent- time for Christian to contemplate both christ's first coming to the world as a baby and his return in glory.Christmas- time for theological and spiritual reflection on important foundation of the Christian faith. Advent and Christmas are only two are the holiday that Christian have!


Interesting fact: Christianity is the world largest religion. Christianity is also the most practiced religion today!


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