Go Kart Project Emily Ryan

Problem Statement: Our problem we have to build/design a drill powered go-kart. It needs to demonstrate acceleration/top speed, Handling/control, and Endurance/efficiency in each course. The go-kart will be in the time frame of 2 marking periods. Also, everyone must be actively contributing to the go-kart process in order to make it come to life. We have a $25 budget with provided materials of 18v drill, 1 sheet of 3/4" plywood, and other materials that are available to us around the classroom.




This is a sketch of the turning system(left or right). I was thinking put a plank or beam that goes across the front which connects to the axel, which is connected to the wheels(front).
This is a sketch of the braking and accelerating system. I was thinking for the brake it was connected to another beam or plank that when pressure is applied to the brake pedal it causes the tension to slow down the rear left wheel. Now for accelerating, the "gas" pedal is connected to a wire or string that when pressure is applied to the pedal, the tension will be applied to the trigger of the drill causing the rear right wheel to go forward.


After our frame was cut out
The ShopBot in the process of cutting out our glorious frame
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Emily Ryan

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