Chocolate Chip Cookies History

Imagine you have just come back from school, you plop your bag on the floor, and walk to the kitchen to tell your mom that you’re back home. She comes out and gives you a glass of milk and a plate of freshly baked “Chocolate Butter Drop Do cookies” which suddenly look like normal cookies with chocolate chips inside. You stare at your mom, she stares right back at you. "Toll House Crunch Cookies” you both say.

Ruth Graves Wakefield, the great chef from Massachusetts, actually made Chocolate Chip Cookies quite by accident! This accident happened in 1938 in their Toll House. This Toll House is now vanished. A Toll house is a shop in a house type place. In 1938 the same year after the cookies were invented, the great deal between Nestlé and Ruth struck, which you will have to read further to find out about.

Who invented them and how?

Ruth Graves Wakefield and her husband, Kenneth, worked in their Toll House Inn in Massachusetts. It was at night when Ruth decided that she would bake a batch of fresh Chocolate Butter Drop Do cookies. To do that she needed some chocolate but as she started baking, she noticed that she didn’t have any chocolate. She went to her neighboring shop, Nestlé to borrow some chocolate chips. Ruth expected the chocolate to melt just like her normal chocolate does but instead they stayed as they were. This tells you that Ruth Wakefield actually made the cookies by accident.

What happened after the cookies were invented?

After the Chocolate-chip cookies got a name, “Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookie” named by Ruth Wakefield. She named them that at first because that was the name of her shop. Nestlé and Ruth struck a deal. This deal no one is sure of but people say that Nestlé had asked Ruth for not only the name of her cookies but also the recipe, in return Ruth got a lifetime supply of semi-sweet chocolate chips from Nestlé. The reason why Nestle were the ones who struck the deal was because without them giving the semi-sweet chocolate chips to Ruth Wakefield before they were invented, she would have never invented the chocolate chip cookies. This shows that the chocolate chips were important to them.

Is there a difference between the old cookies and the new and modified ones?

Old cookies, the very first ones, and the new and modern “modified” ones, is there a difference?Not really, there is only one difference and that is that now we have better technology and so the cookies can be a little sweeter. All the ingredients put inside the modern chocolate chip cookies are exactly the same as the old and first chocolate chip cookies. Also now a days there are mixes where all you have to do is bake it!

This is the new technology I was talking about with chocolate chip cookies instead though!

Ruth Graves Wakefield the great chef from Massachusetts. She was baking chocolate cookies which turn out to be chocolate chip cookies. Since there is no difference between the old and the new cookies why don’t you try baking a batch of fresh Chocolate chip cookies!

Recipe (1 cup would be a tea cup)

Half a cup of unsalted

¾ cup of packed brown dark sugar

¾ cup of white sugar

2 large eggs

1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract (Make sure that it is vanilla extract and not Vanilla essence)

1 cup or how much ever you think it needs looking at your proportions

2 ¼ cup all purpose flour

¾ teaspoon of baking soda

1 teaspoon of fine salt

And now mix it all up!

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