Fyre By, Angie Sage

This is the final book in the series of magyk this entire series is centered around one family call the Heaps, the Heaps are a family of wizards who can´t seem to get a break. From the beginning they have had their son taken away from them, they have had their adopted daughter turn out to be a princess, and their eldest son became apprentice to the most evil wizard in their world.

Septimus Heap

In the fantasy genre the seventh son of a seventh son is said to be the most powerful when it comes to magic or anything in the fantasy genre. With being a seventh son an amazing thing septimus is also a seventh son of a seventh son, which i think the author chose his name because of him being a seventh son, Sept is seven in french so why not have seven in his name.

All of this series was really good and i would highly recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy.

There isn´t much I didn´t like about this book the author did an excellent job at leaving you wanting more at the end of every book.

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