Abigail Davis saleswoman, dancer, & Adobe newcomer

Meet Abigail Davis, the latest Adobe woman in sales scoring big wins for the company and receiving well-deserved recognition.

Last December, Abigail won the 2016 Best Sales Newcomer Award from the Women in Sales Awards (WISA) organization in Europe. WISA aims to diversify the workplace and congratulate high-achieving women in sales roles.

Abigail joined Adobe in September 2015 as an Account Development Manager in the Adobe Sales Academy (ASA) program. Her role is to build pipeline opportunities for the emerging market vertical in EMEA, working with smaller accounts as well as countries that are new to Adobe.

“I see my role as ‘discovering value.’ It’s the 'why', not the 'what'. Anyone can say what someone needs, but it’s about understanding why they need the solution. I like to think of myself as more of a consultant than a salesperson.”

“Abigail's hard work and diligence has proven invaluable to the emerging markets team, producing two leads that led to two new logo wins in just 25 days. Now, I've tasked Abigail with opening up one of our other up-and-coming verticals and I am already witnessing positive results.” – Stefan Honstetter, Adobe Sales Director, Emerging Markets

Abigail’s path to Adobe was not a traditional one. She graduated from Southampton University studying Business and Events Management with no clear path of where she wanted to go. Coming from a family background in sales, she began to look at sales and account manager roles in a variety of industries.

She saw in Adobe what most people see—its strong brand—but also wanted to be sure the cultural fit was right. After some research, Abigail knew Adobe offered a program she could be passionate about and decided to give it a shot.

“I remember when I first applied, I was told they would only take the top 1% of graduates to interview. I can honestly hand-on-heart say I did not think I had a chance. When I found out I had secured a role on Adobe’s Sales Academy program, I was in shock. I knew even back then that I was going to have to work really hard among a group of incredibly talented individuals.”

Growing up in a small village, Claygate, outside of London, Abigail loved its country vibe but close proximity to the city.

She spent much of her childhood on holiday at her grandparents’ farm where she learned what a hard day’s work was like.

“I remember my grandad telling me, ‘Always be the best at whatever it is you are doing.’ That has stuck with me.”

“I would help out with jobs on the farm and receive pocket money that I could go and spend in the local village. I loved being outside in the fresh air, but more than that, I enjoyed working hard and being rewarded. That was where my drive probably came from.”

Abigail also looks up to her grandmother who would tell her stories about selling cars while being the only woman in the salesroom. “My grandparents would go to fancy car shows and attend couple’s activities like sewing, which was supposed to be for the wives of the salesmen. Everyone thought my grandfather was the successful salesman at these shows and were surprised to see him at the sewing class instead of my grandmother. I knew this environment was going to be heavily male-dominated. My grandmother has been a role model for me since the beginning.”

Since the age of two, Abigail has loved to dance.

National Cheerleading Championships, 2011
“Performing has taught me a number of skills that have been helpful in my sales career. I love expressing myself through dance. It’s a great way to stay fit and equally important to have that release.”
Royal Albert Hall, 2012

She has performed at the Royal Albert Hall, Her Majesty's Theatre, Twickenham Stadium, and Disneyland Paris.

As part of the Adobe Sales Academy program, Abigail is excited to continue her career at Adobe as an Inside Sales Representative in March 2017. She is looking forward to learning more about the sales process, meeting people in the wider business, and getting closer to her dream of becoming an Account Executive.


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