Alexander the Great 336-323 BCE

King Phillip the II of Macedonia (r.359-336 BCE) father of Alexander the Great. They resided in Pella, and invited Aristotle to teach his son at the Lyceum.
Aristotle (384-322 BC) taught philosophy in Pella which is the capital of Macedonia, at the Lyceum.
Upon his fathers death in 336 BCE, Alexander took over as ruler of the kingdom. By 334 BCE, he had full control over Greece, he lead attacks East on the Persian Empire and freed Asian Minor.
Alexander's Army would perfect the Phalanx Wedge to defeat the opposing armies. During the Battle of Issues 333BCE and defeated King Darius III
By his death in 323 BCE, the Empire of Alexander the Great was vast. From Macedonia East to Sogdiana.
Alexander encouraged his men to comingle and merry the population. He started globalization.
323 BCE, Alexander dies of a fever at thirty-three in Babylon. After his death, the generals waged wars against one another and the four kingdoms were split.
The Four Kingdoms Ptolemy(Egypt) , Seleucids(Western Asia), Antigonids (Macedonia), and Pergamum where divided within the Empire
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