The Road to Yellowstone Montana 2014 - Part IV

In which Tina and Adam are nearly broiled alive and then get cooled off in a cool place. And there is a late arrive in West Yellowstone.

My mom reminded us that Lewis and Clark Caverns lay along our route to Yellowstone National Park. She failed to remind us that it's about a mile hike to the cavern entrance along an exposed valley wall...

The Surface of the Sun

...with no shade... all... 100+ degree heat.

Down into a cool place.

Luckily the caverns are a constant 40 degrees so we cooled off very quickly and enjoyed an hour long tour of stalactites (which hang tight to the ceiling) and stalagmites (which might reach the roof).

We hiked back out and resumed our journey to Yellowstone. We stopped along the way to visit the eerie site of Quake Lake. It was formed in 1959 after an earthquake blocked the river and flooded the valley.

After a long day of driving and hiking with little to eat we arrived in West Yellowstone ready for a late dinner. The local pizza joint looked promising. Halfway through her pre-pizza beer, Tina was pretty giggly. The pizza was pretty darn good too.

We head to the hotel and bed to rest up for the beginning of our Yellowstone excursion.

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Adam Colby


©2014 Adam B. Colby

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