Housing and Property Scams Liam Hayes

Dual Flush Toilet installation scam

  • Some States encourage water and energy efficient appliances
  • Scammers come to your house offering upgrades on toilets for free
  • They upgrade your toilet and get a paper signed by you stating it happened
  • The scammers go claim $165 from the Water Conservation Rebate program

Change of Address Scam

  • When changing address, phony sites are advertised and lead to scams
  • Scammers say they'll change your address for a very small fee
  • They get your personal information and use it to bill your bank account
  • They charge a large fee instead of the proposed small fee
  • Some advertise free service, then take your personal information, leading to ID theft

Fake Leasing property Scam

  • People looking for a house are contacted by someone renting out a house
  • They contact you online, and request personal information
  • They send you the papers to be signed through the internet
  • You pay for the down payment and first deposit, but they never send the keys

Renter selling your house

  • The renter will rent out your house
  • they will then post it for sale and act as your owner
  • Once they make a sale, they take the cash and run off
  • Leaving you to sort out the mess and no renter in your house
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