Cuba Habana

There national flower is called White ginger

This is their traditional clothing
It's called the night party dress!

Their traditional food is called Congri it has black beans rice chicken and bell peppers mmmm...


Christmas Day is the focus of religious Christmas celebration Cuba however Christmas eve is important in Cuban Christmas celebrations uniquely referred to as "Noche Buena". Traditional Christmas food in Cuba include roasted pig fried plantains rice pudding and rum cake.

Cuba does not celebrate Halloween But some of Cuba's hotels will put on something if there is enough guests at the hotel

This is Christmas in the US

Ohhhhhhhh... pretty

This is Halloween in the US

This is called Boliche with white rice and red kidney beans cooked with sofrita and then baked in an oven

Cuban's has a mix of ethnicity of Spanis,black,Asian,And European.

If we want money from Cuba we would give them $1.13 for one dollar of Cuba money

Cuba's president is Raúl Castro

In 1902 the US helped give Cuba freedom

Cuba's language is Spanish

The most popular religion for Cuba is Roman Catholic the second highest is non-religious The third most popular religion is African spirituality

This is a picture of Cuba's map

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