Artificial intelligence presentation By: anthony sanchez

I don't believe in artificial intelligence, I believe it could potentially kill a lot of people and cause issues. B. My understanding hasn't changed at all.
Could AI be considered family?/ yeah kinda, some family's consider their pets family and an artificial intelligent robot could be the same.
The robot that would be sharing my living space with me would love to make me food and to do my homework so I can sleep. This robot will have wheels or a continuous track but will be slower than me and will have a kill switch.
If artificial intelligent robots were made I believe they should have none of the rights that humans have, we made them and they are tools that we made, not another actual person.
1. Everyone can at least have a friend, some kids have issues making relationships with other people. 2. The robot can help you with homework or anything school related because they could always just look it up. 3. The robot can serve you food and etc.
4. The robots could probably tell when we're lying from our heartbeat so more people would tell the truth more often. 5. People can be certain right away if something it right by making sure with the robot. 6. If the robots starts getting annoying and ext. there has to be an off switch.
7. The robots will make precise decisions while doing things based off facts and no emotion. 8. Artificial intelligent robots can ship products to different states or country's for us. 9. Robots don't need to take breaks like humans, they don't get tired like we do. 10. You can program the robot to do whatever you want.

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