SA is the next season GOODBYE's and HELLO's

Goodbye's and Hello's

Though you see smiles on our faces, it took a long while to say good bye and leave the house for the airport. In this moment the love for my family reached another level I didn't know existed. Goodbyes are hard!! I found myself thinking about all the family 'things' I'm gonna be missing and the tears came rolling down when I finally opened the present they got me on the plane.

Beautifully written messages from my family!!!

Before I left I remember saying 'I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry'. But when love so deep is spelt out on pages and in pictures you can not help but cry. What is that emotion? I wasn't sure what it was, pain because I was leaving or happiness because I love them and they love me so. Maybe it was both and more! Goodbyes are so hard!

Love always
Hello to the Land of good coffee!

They say Italy is where the best coffee is made and very much appreciated. And for someone who has experienced it before I must say that is true. But second to that I can safely say in my opinion South Africa Cape Town is the the second best place to experience the appreciation coffee. HELLO CAPE TOWN!

A view of table mountain from signal hill

I do believe saying goodbye to my family was one of the hardest experiences I've ever been through but even harder is the feeling of enjoying a new place and missing your family at the same time. What I weird notion what a weird experience. It is an experience that really teaches you to appreciate what you have, (family and friends far and near) to live, enjoy the moment you are in and to look forward with excitement the great things you will experience in months and years to come.....


I landed in Cape Town on the 9th of January and have truly been blessed by amazing friends looking out and making sure all is good with me. The first couple of days was extremely hot and I found myself hiding indoors from the heat. Who would have thought LOL! But soon came the need to get out and get things done. Most things that need sorting has been sorted and I think I'm nearly done with the basics. And though it's been a busy time I've had time to relax and be with friends and had the opportunity to make new ones.

The ladies

My new church (life church) had a young adult away weekend, which was amazing. We had a chance to tackle fears in our life's that has cause us to hold back on what God has for us; Calling a generation to fearless living. And for someone who has just moved miles away from comfort I definitely need this.

Young Adults weekend away
New friends - Caleb
Swimming in a dame
First day at retreat
Matthew mole Concert with nay
Knead for food with nay and Meryl
Nelia's birthday celebrations
'Its God's flight' -Victory 2 Chronicles 20:17

It was great to see The Message South Africa family as the whole team came together for the years retreat days. It's amazing to hear all the great things happening with The Message teams. The growth is not just in number but in vision for where we are heading this year. Though all the team have a focus within their department it is evident that The Message as a whole are united in the vision for the year. The theme or should I say the promise for this year for us.....'Its God's flight' -Victory. The bible we are carrying in our heart through out the year and in everything we are doing is 2 chronicles 20:17.

So the gist of it is this, I AM VERY EXCITED about starting work this week :)
My first birthday in Cape Town
Robin, Nelia and Evan
Nadine, Judah, Karin and Mareika
Sheldon, Erik and Gerald
Gerald and grant - broski's
I have a car!!!! Praise God!
My new car
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  • Health - since I've been here I haven't been feeling very well so please pray with me for good health. I know God has much for me to do here and it would be very silly of me to be naive to schemes of the enemy.
  • Wisdom - When in a position of possible great influence and responsible, it is very easy to get excited about the task at hand and forget to seek wisdom. I never want to think 'I know it all' when there is so much more to give to the people of this nation then just my experience. I need grace to hear specifically when God is speaking on any given situation.
  • Starting work - I start work on the 1st of Feb and my desire is to be a blessing to my co-worker and intergrate well into the messsage community.
  • Lay great foundations - I believe wherever we find ourself, we should give the best of who we are and lay a great foundation for the next person/people who comes along.
  • Living in Cape Town - Though I have great friend already astablished here, the fact still remains it's a different country. I want to be able to have wisdom to deal with any situation and to give the best I can to my community.
  • Finances - To continue my work with the message I have to have a consistent flow of income that would cover my basic living. So far I have reached 80% of my target funds. Which is amazing but please pray that the rest will come in. If you know anyone who would like to support a missionary send them my way :) and you can also pass on my contact details and where they can give a one off gift or support monthly.
Contact and Giving
Thank you lovely peeps!

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