Do you love budgies? Do you love their cuteness? Do you love baby budgies?

"I breed budgie's as a hobby since I love the fact of watching the babies grow up and get older."

When buying budgies you have to think about:

  • Do you have the time to look after an/another animal
  • How your going to look after it
  • Where is it going to live
  • Is it going to be a caged bird

The next thing you need to consider is what colour you want, there are over 1,000 different mutations of budgies. Some more prettier than others. Although this is sad but make sure you get a bird that pleases you. No point in buying a bird you don't like, more so because that doesn't just affect you it also affects the bird.

Most budgies have grown up in an aviary. Some smaller then others. This is when you need to think about whether your budgie will have a big home or small. Most budgies get their wings clipped so they don't hurt them selves in the cage or even fly away when you take the budgie out of the cage.

Baby budgies from the moment they've hatched are very vulnerable. They don't open their eyes until a week after the hatching and by then they have grown half the size they were 7 days ago. Watch video below to see!

To see more birds click on the links below to see The Adventures of Smokey the Rainbow Lorikeet.

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Budgierigars 2016


Taken by Instagram @sophie_rose_photograph_y

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