4 Week Project 2.0 Jess goodwin


For my next four week project idea I would like to take the advice of a university teacher and experiment with digital painting techniques, to add diversity to my work. I feel like this task will challenge what I already know about traditional and digital media, and it will also allow me to gain more skills for my (hopefully) future career in game art and design.


With experimentation for this project, I was basing my knowledge on techniques I could use in real painting, and also some digital techniques. I firstly tried to draw a portrait/character and I feel as though I got this drawn successfully but I know I have a lot more that I can learn and adapt from within this 4 week project.

I firstly started by drawing the outline of a basic head shape, I then used the pen tool to create a shape before using the paint bucket tool in order to fill it in with a block colour as a base. I then took the corresponding shades from a swatch I had created and went over the block colour with a soft basic brush, using multiple light and dark skin tones, to create depth. I then took the idea that I could use the techniques I use in makeup and recreate those onto my canvas, there for I took a cool orange/brown shade and used it to define some cheek bones, before adding blush and some freckles for a unique little addition. When I had successfully created a face with dynamic and depth, I moved on to creating the nose, again using multiple light and dark skin tones and tiny brush strokes. I also remembered techniques I have learned with traditional art, to try and successfully create a 3D nose that does not look as flat as it would if I was creating the piece in a vector format. Once the nose was finished, I moved on to working on the eyes. I started by forming a simple eye shape for one eye (as I would later copy and paste the completed eye for consistency). Again, with this concept, I decided to use techniques I would in real life, by building up the semi 3D style, by starting with one colour and adding more until I was completely satisfied. I also decided to use a strange yet effective tool on the eyeshadow. I laid down 3 simple eyeshadow colour's, before using the smudge, blur, burn and sponge tool. Each of these tool's allowed me to create a realistic and well blended eye shadow look for an extra touch. For the lips I used the similar, adding a block colour and building it up with different shades technique, as I think It worked effectively, however I would like to use the influence of tutorials and improve my techniques, and maybe find a better and more effective way of working with digital painting. For the eyebrow's and hair I tried to use a different approach, which was again influenced by real life. In makeup, to fill in your eyebrows and make them look natural, you essentially have to use small hair simulating strokes to create natural, yet full eyebrows; so this was the approach I took to create the digital ones, but would like to learn a more effective technique in order to recreate hair more realistically. With the jack Russell, I also used the hair stroke technique, but again believe there is a better and more effective technique out there that I can use.


Most people when it came to the peer feedback said, that my idea was well thought out but I needed to look for more inspiration and resources I could use to learn new skills that I haven't really used before. They said I should stick with the theme of using doge as the final piece, as it ties in with my comedic perspective.



Jenna drawing is an artist that I found through searching for YouTube tutorials on how to paint in software such as Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI. She mainly uses paint tool SAI for a lot of her work, but the way the software works is very similar to Photoshop, and i could take techniques from the tutorials to use in either software. Since i am only going to be drawing a dog for this project, i am simply going to be evaluating her techniques she uses in her paintings, as i myself am i beginner at digital painting and using influences that i could use in projects is useful to think about too.

For the top left drawing, she starts by drawing the outlines and basic facial features using paint tool SAI. She at first uses the pen tool, and then fills in all of the shapes using a block basic colour. She then uses the brush tool and blends the lines and block colour together, before going in further with different tones to add depth and a 3D appearance to the painting. She uses this process of building on the colour's alot for the whole painting, but uses a different technique for the hair. For the hair and eyebrows, she tends to use the technique of using the pen tool and brush tool at first, and then twitches to using strokes of different colour's using the brush tool, which is effective and turns out really nice too look at. She also at the end goes in with a bright lilac shade with the thin pen tool. She does this so you can also see the detail of the hair and at the same time adding that extra pop of purple to finish the piece and bring it all together. I enjoy how Jennadrawing has stuck with her own style when drawing this piece, but has also taken into account the iconic Dodie Clark aesthetic, and has also included her room background. However, i do think that this artist could improve the piece by adding more things that represent Dodie. For the reason that I am drawing a dog, I will be toning down the cartoony style, but sticking to my own comedic flair, and of course making the piece reflect on my style, but maybe not as extreme as this artist has done with her art work.

For the second piece you can see the artist's development and how she may have changed or adapted her techniques, in the first drawing you can see that the style is a lot more cartoony and less developed but, in my opinion i enjoy that style more than the right side. The right side is in my opinion a bit too extra, and could be toned down a lot more than what the artist has done, however I can see the techniques used in this piece is very similar to the other piece. They have also focused on some of the body part shading, which can be handy for me to observe when drawing things like dog's or even just general objects. You can also see that the artist has tried to be a lot more realistic with the way she has drawn the face on the right image, but i still prefer her original version, as it has a lot more of her style in the drawing, and i feel like it represents her as an artist better.

Reflecting on the techniques i have learned using various YouTube tutorials, I am to use one of these images as a reference to recreate the famous doge meme, in digital painting form, adding my own style to the piece to give it an extra bit of uniqueness. I am going to aim to use a variety of different Photoshop brushes, which will include basic, custom and brushes i can find on the internet for free. I may also try to experiment with different software if i feel like the tools required will work better in software such as KRITA, or Paint Tool SAI. I will mainly be following the techniques used in the "How to draw hair or fur video" But I will also take influence from the other tutorials, and techniques i think will work just as effectively in the end, but if i find that a technique i try to use doesn't work, i will find a substitute for that using the tutorials i have shown above. I will firstly start my painting in black and white, following the advice from one of my peers, who said that it is easier to catch the array of tones using a black and white filter at first and then going in with colour when the piece is fully completed with the shading.


The design process for this piece included going along side a tutorial very often. I used an even mixture of Paint tool SAI and Photoshop, also having the tool of a graphic's tablet to help with the process. I firstly started out by drawing the outline of doge, trying to get the proportions of the face as accurate as I possibly can. I then layed out 2 block colours within the area of the dog head. I then started working on the nose. For the nose, I filled it in with a black rounded triangle shape, before going in with a specific water brush tool (only found in Paint Tool SAI). I used multiple shades of brown, black and grey, and used a blending brush tool to give a smoother look to the nose, and of course blend all the colour's together in a nice gradient. I used a similar process for the eyes, but focused my shading on building up a circular shape, and also to try and create an eye that has the appearance of shine and dimension. For the fur I used a less detailed approach, but still used the process of going back and forth with the mixer brush tool, and paint brush tool. Once the painting was complete, i tried adding different effects to the piece, to add more of an internet aesthetic, and bring the piece together. I used the despeckle noise effect, and also a fibre simulator, to: a. give the piece more of a screen sourced authenticity, and b. to give the painting more texture instead of using a hair or fibre brush. I think my method of doing it this way was very successful, and i believe I did incredibly well for a first try at digital painting, but some of the technique's i used could have been changed to make the process easier for myself, and i will bare that in mind next time i do a project like this.



For this four week project I feel I have done very well in accomplishing gaining a new skill and broadening my horizon's in digital art and design. I used a fair balance of experimentation and using new technique's in software I am not so familiar with, and I feel like in doing so, I was able to achieve a successful and well represented digital painting of the meme Doge. I feel like I was able to adapt to this new way of working quickly, and have a smooth transition from my usual vector imaging, into a new technique that requires focusing my skills on paying attention to detail and being more accurate than if I was trying to create a cartoon character or logo. This type of art also requires a lot more time and effort to what I am used to, but It is worth it in the end. I feel like I could improve on many things with this type of project. For example, with more time I feel like I could accomplish much more than just a head. In the future I would like to try and experiment with more of a landscape type of piece or even try and artist copy of an older painting. I would also like to try making an end product with my next project, and try to bring in a more of design element into the mix of pieces that I have done this year.

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