Andaleeb Awwad Give for change.

Blog 1: January 20

What I'm going to do for the 20% project is that me and my partners Alicia De La Cruz and Anna Finau, are going to be collecting donations and money to give to the homeless on the streets. We are going to go to random houses to collect donations every Saturday, we'r also going to collect cans and things that are recyclable and we'r going to take them to the recyclable factories and exchange it with money, and with that money we'r going to buy food. we'r going to separate things in random bags and give them to the homeless who are on the streets. We'r going to document our process by writing blogs like this and by taking videos. We'r doing this to make someones day and to make our community a better place.

The light in someones day.

Blog 2: February 3

This week I made sure that I told my family about this big project, I wanted to tell them because I wanted their support with donations, now that they know there is a special bag in the house just for plastic cans and bottles. My other two partners have also done the same thing. I feel very excited about this project, i feel like this is going to change my perspective about life, its also keeping distracted and working which I really love, I'm ready to help and to make change.

Accomplishments; February 10

For the past 2 weeks I´ve been collecting cans and plastic recyclable things, the other day I noticed that I already have a whole big trash bag full of recyclable cans.

Inspiration;February 17

My inspiration is getting stronger, I feel like every time we talk about our project we come up with new ideas, the last thing we came up with is giving the donations that wer not giving to the homeless to a charity.

Doing; March 3

At this point we'r starting to actually do things, we'r done planing, we'r ready to get the money of all the plastic things we collected. Honestly me personally i'm starting to get stressed out because many things are happening at this period of time at my life and I have many things to think about, but I think that we are on task so far. Iv'e talked to our previous counselor Mr. Robinson and told him about our project and he agreed to be our mentor, hes a very knowledgeable person so I believe that he will help us, i'm still very excited but i'm worrying a little about the whole situation and i'm hoping to actually meet out goals and expectations. I found this picture to be very interesting because there are three ladies that are starting to take their first steps into crossing the street, and I think that it really represents me and my partners.

March 17 2017

At this moment we are doing really good! We're getting so many donations from different people and it feels amazing, we're going to pick up even more donations from Ms. Beamans parents's house and i'm very excited! we also filled out a form to have boxes at some classrooms and we're waiting for the reply!

Breakdown;April 7

Honestly I feel like we haven't done anything, I don't know what is happening exactly but I feel horrible... its just getting really tough, life got in the way when we were supposed to go get the clothes from Ms. Beaman's parents's house. everything is just going so fast and moving so fast, many things have been happening and it all kinda just gets too much to think about it, many things that were planned changed super quick, most of the things changed and I couldn't do anything to fix it.

Comeback;April 10

I was thinking about starting to give out the cans we collected to the place that recycles them and get the money, time is moving fast, so I think that knowing how much money we will get from the cans can be really helpful for us so we can budget to get the food that's required.

Almost there; April 14

Now everything is almost coming to an end, wer less than 2 months away from graduation, the symposium talk is coming up and we have to be ready. I was thinking of having candy or any type of thing for the people who are stopping by our booth, things are moving faster than I expected, I want our booth to be different and I want it to stand out my goal for this symposium is to get as many followers as possible because I really want to cross that first goal we had...

Blog 10; May 1st 2017

The symposium was a success in my opinion, I was nervous a little but people were very welcoming and nice, it went really smooth with my partners, this prepared me for the final big time, wer almost there it feels like its a second away.

Blog 11; May 5th 2017

The big Ted-Talk is June 2nd, its coming up very quickly. We're planning to kinda split the script equally between me and my partners. We're planning to have a visual and a video playing in the background while we talk over it, we also wanted to add soft music while we talk it will not cover our voices because its going to be really low, pictures of everything we collected and everything we're donating will be shown in our visual.


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