Good Life: Tour of the Harn By: Matthew Freedman

Cover Page picture is credited by The rest of the photos were taken by Matt Freedman on January 25, 2017

Medium of the Art

Piece: Old Man's Clothe, By: El Anatsui.I loved viewing this piece especially because it is so detailed and hard to figure out how it was all put together. Anatsui plays around with so many different materials and textures to create an extremely original piece. He decided to sue a variety of goods to make a single piece of art. This piece made me think a little, as I was close up it looked like thousands of tiny pieces but when I stood far away it looked like one piece of art. I related this to life around me in that although we are all diverse and different we can coexists and together make something great instead of individually.. Also, as humans we really don't need to focus on the beginnings and ends of things, but instead look at it as a whole.

Design of the Museum

The Asian Wing was by far my favorite part of the museum, between all of the different asian pieces of artwork from Indian to Japanese, it really encapsulated Asian culture, The floors are a shiny, dark wood that reflect light and the back wall of the Asian Wing is all windows. These big windows allow an enormous amount of light into this wing and really brighten up the wing. What's even better is that if you look outside the window, it's an asian garden which contains trees and other various things you'd find in nature in Asia. I feel like the Asian garden really helps you experience a truly diverse Asian culture.

Art and Core Values

Manhattan by: George Grosz in 1946. This painting represents the core values of people around the globe. Although it's just of Manhattan, this painting has a broader spectrum to people globally. I am a New Yorker, so I felt a stronger connection to this painting. A few of the values that I think represent Manhattan striving to be successful, which in doing that you must have a hard work ethic. Manhattan also creates diversity in a good way in which you learn and grow from other cultures and people from all sorts of the world.The positive energy in which the city pertains allows people to want to travel there and be successful in a city full of opportunity. The city is a very intense and overwhelming environment, and without a thick mind and tough work ethic, it's hard to survive there.. Since its foundation, Manhattan has been the home of many different ethnic groups, cultures and religions. Whether you consider it dirty, gross, clean, fascinating, or just overwhelming, Manhattan is a place where many people can call their home.

Art and The Good Life

Dancing Ganesh made in the 13th Century. Ganesh is on elf the most well known and loved representations of Hinduism. With a big pot-belly, Ganesh si known across India as a solver of problems and bestower of blessing. The sculptor who made this out of black stone really was able to carve it from a hard rigid rock into the smoothness and softness of this dancing god. The theme in this sculpture is really having peace and relaxation. Ganesh is known as being a well liked and calm god and everyone seems to respect and love him. I can really understand and appreciate why he is so loved as all the intricate parts about him are magnificent.

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