What's Matter? By:Johanna Gonzalez

Everything is matter.Matter states could change hot or cold. Matter exist in three states :solid, liquid, and gases. If you did not know you now know that matter is everything and your parents are matter and matter takes up space.

Volume is how it takes up space which it shape and mass is the weight of an object has.

Atoms are super tiny parts that solids, liquids, and gases. Atoms are tiny parts that put together solids, liquids, and gases.

It properties of matter is the texture, hardness, size ,shape, and color, or it can be classified by its.

Solids have their own shape like an eraser, erasers have their own shape because if you rip it it will not be different it will have it same shape because the atoms in the solid are close together they don't flow.Gases doesn't have it's own shape Like a balloon a balloon as gas inside but it has another gas it called Hilliom. Atoms in a gas are far apart from each other,the air that we breath is another type of gas

Solids could change into a liquid. if you have an ice cream and it’s hot outside, it will melt if you don’t eat it fast . it will melt because . you have a solid like an ice cream, ice cube,or butter and is hot it will be a liquid and it called melting

Liquid to gas it will change in evaporation for example: if their are a puddle of water if it’s the weather very hot it will change to a evaporation because when it’s hot it will absorb the puddle of water and it will change to a gas .

Gas to liquid it will change into a condensation for example: if you see a cloud in the sky, that is gas and when it’s going to rain it turns into a liquid which is the rain that comes down in the floor. It is called condensation.

It is clear that matter is everything around you but why is matter important?. Well it important because if matter did not exist it will be all moving and atoms if the atoms did not exist it will flow and it will break easily and their will not have food to eat because food is mater.



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