Cuban Missle Crisis By;Rukiya

What Caused The Cuban Missile Crisis?

  • It happened when the Soviet Union(USSR) started to build missile sites in Cuba in 1962,this Crisis was seen as the most important conflict or in the Cold War
  • And also the reason why the USSR moved there missiles to Cuba was so that they could be closer to the USA
  • There was tension between the USA and the USSR
  • The USA set up a naval blockade around Cuba


These were some of the events that was happening

How did the movie show the crisis,was it historically accurate to the sources?

Every time a new event happened they captioned it for a few seconds saying the things that were happening like on Thursday,October 18,1962 when Kennedy was visited by soviet foreign minnester who asserts that soviet aid to Cuba is purely defensive,or like when Kennedy returns to Washington and discusses with top advisors on Saturday,October 20,1962.They showed every single event happening with deatails.

Why is the Cuban missile crisis important as an event in the Cold War

Because it was a hard decision to make between a blockade,invading,or having a political talk.they had a political talk but the president of Cuba lied right to there faces by saying that the Soviet Union did not place any missiles in there country.and also because when the soviet ships reached the quarantine line but then they receive radio orders from Moscow to hold there position.the quarantine line are being shadowed by a soviet submarine,and that's when U.S military go into DEFCON 2,the highest in U.S history

What were the consequences of the Cuban missile crisis,how did it end?

There was a letter sent by Khrushchev saying that Soviets would remove their missiles if President Kennedy publicly guarantees the U.S. will not invade Cuba then There is a second letter from Khrushchev stating that, in addition to a public promise not to invade Cuba, the U.S. removes its missiles from Turkey.The crisis is over after a speech aired on Radio Moscow, Khrushchev announces that he has agreed to remove the Missiles from Cuba.

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