ArenaMats Superior Base Solutions for Arena Footing by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces

ArenaMats are the ideal foundation for arena footing.

They improve shock absorption, increasing comfort for both horse and rider.

For outdoor applications, ArenaMats provide the perfect balance between drainage and water retention.

When challenged with building an arena where the sub base cannot be excavated, ArenaMats are a perfect solution. Examples include concrete, tennis courts and temporary arenas.

Mats can be easily placed in hard to reach areas, such as places inaccessible to construction equipment.

Technical Data

ArenaMats are designed to help maintain good moisture levels in the footing.

Outdoor ArenaMat — This mat is for outdoor riding arenas, paddocks, hot walkers and is made from 100% recycled material.

• Length: 3.94 feet

• Width: 2.72 feet

• Height: 1.58″

• Weight: 44 pounds

• Drainage: 190 holes/mat

• Coverage: 10.72 sq ft = 1.19 sq yards

• Water storage capacity: 0.1 gal/ft2 (4L/m2)

Our primary focus is to keep horses healthy!

The unique design of the mat offers a great platform for the footing and enhances shock absorption.

Interlocking Arena Base Mat System — Ideal for building short-term show arenas.

• Length: 3.28 feet

• Width: 2.78 feet

• Height: 1.58″

• Weight: 36-40 lbs

• Drainage: 168 holes/mat

• Coverage: 9.12 sq ft = 1.00 sq yd


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