Meeting the moment, fueling the future Social media toolkit

On March 11, the Global Health Technologies Coalition released Meeting the moment, fueling the future: Policy recommendations for a new era of US leadership in global health R&D, a policy report providing an agency-by-agency blueprint for US policymakers to supercharge global health research and development in the wake of a pandemic that has revealed both the sector’s chronic neglect and amazing potential.

We hope you will join us in sharing the report and its policy recommendations using the suggested social media messages below, which cover both the full report and specific sections. Feel free to adapt messaging to fit your own channels. With any questions, please contact Anna Kovacevich at akovacevich@ghtcoalition.org.

full report

Suggested tweets:

  • 📢 Out today: @GHTCoalition’s new policy report provides an agency-by-agency blueprint for US policymakers to supercharge #globalhealth R&D in the wake of #COVID19. bit.ly/385Q41Y
  • 📢 New @GHTCoalition report outlines how US investment in #globalhealth R&D has fueled innovations that save lives worldwide & how policymakers can capitalize on opportunities revealed by #COVID19 to defeat a range of health threats. Learn more 👉 bit.ly/385Q41Y
  • #COVID19 has revealed both the chronic neglect and amazing potential of the #globalhealth R&D sector. @GHTCoalition’s new report details an agency-by-agency action plan to rejuvenate this work & unleash a new era of innovation. 👉 bit.ly/385Q41Y
  • How can we apply scientific and policy lessons learned from the battle against #COVID19 to defeat other #globalhealth challenges like neglected diseases? Check out @GHTCoalition’s new policy report 👉 bit.ly/385Q41Y
  • The #globalhealth R&D sector hangs in a precarious balance between setbacks & possibility, as pandemic pressures drain resources from the battle against other threats. @GHTCoalition’s new policy report outlines recs for seizing scientific opportunity now👉 bit.ly/385Q41Y
  • .@GHTCoalition’s new policy report identifies specific actions that Congress and the Biden-Harris @WhiteHouse can take to capitalize on opportunities revealed by #COVID19 to launch a new, stronger era of #globalhealth R&D. Read now: bit.ly/385Q41Y
  • “The same core capabilities instrumental to defeating #COVID19 can also defeat diseases that have plagued humanity for generations … while targeting emerging pathogens of pandemic potential.” –@GHTCoalition Director @JBayNishi. Learn more: bit.ly/385Q41Y
specific sections

US Agency for International Development

  • As the only US agency with a mandate to focus on #globalhealth & development, @USAID has unique capabilities that have been underutilized & underfunded during the #COVID19 response. @GHTCoalition’s report outlines policy changes to revitalize its work. ➡️ bit.ly/3cmXkrk
  • .@USAID has a strong track record of delivering high-impact health #innovations. @GHTCoalition’s new report urges Congress to double support for its #globalhealth programs & for the agency to set minimum funding targets for R&D. 👉 bit.ly/3cmXkrk

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • New @GHTCoalition analysis urges US policymakers to invest in @CDCgov’s #globalhealth work as part of an effort to rebuild the agency that was politicized and undermined during the early #COVID19 response. Learn more: bit.ly/30vUVoM
  • CDC #globalhealth-related programs—including @CDCGlobal, @CDC_NCEZID, and @CDC_TB—have been operating on tight budgets, exacerbated by #COVID19, & require increased funding from policymakers. More info & policy recs in @GHTCoalition’s new report 👉 bit.ly/30vUVoM

National Institutes of Health

  • Policymakers should provide new, targeted funding to NIH, including for product development & translational research. @GHTCoalition’s report highlights the agency’s work to battle #COVID19 & urges increased support for @Fogarty_NIH @NIAIDNews & @NIH_OAR ➡️ bit.ly/2OCXnan
  • .@NIH’s high-profile work in confronting #COVID19 highlights the importance of past investments in #globalhealth R&D—but w/ pandemic pressures stymying non-COVID-19 work, urgent financial relief is needed. More info in @GHTCoalition’s policy report ➡️ bit.ly/2OCXnan

Department of Defense

  • The US must protect @DeptofDefense-supported #malaria, #TB, and #AMR research and the decades of progress achieved by its centers. Learn more about the agency’s R&D efforts and policy recs for how to seize its potential in @GHTCoalition’s new report 👉 bit.ly/3l4og3m
  • .@GHTCoalition’s new report pushes back at recent moves by the @DeptofDefense to eliminate #malaria research programs, noting the threat malaria continues to pose to service members, & urges Congress to protect this work through a dedicated funding line 👉 bit.ly/3l4og3m

Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority

  • US policymakers should establish a permanent funding line at @BARDA, supported by at least $300 million annually, for work on #EIDs, #AMR, and #panflu. More info on @BARDA’s research and funding gaps in @GHTCoalition’s policy report ➡️ bit.ly/38r7WEA
  • Despite its proven value in advancing innovations for #globalhealth threats, @BARDA has been overly reliant on one-off appropriations in the midst of crises. The US gov must address these gaps with a permanent funding line for EIDs. Learn more ➡️ bit.ly/38r7WEA

Executive Office Leadership

  • In a new policy report, @GHTCoalition calls on the Biden-Harris @WhiteHouse to elevate equity, the right to science, and needs-driven, country-led approaches in #globalhealth R&D 👉 bit.ly/3vd7p2U
  • To achieve the #COVID19 response envisioned by the Biden-Harris @WhiteHouse, @USAID’s expertise & partnerships around the 🌎 will be essential. @GHTCoalition urges better inclusion of the agency, which was largely excluded from response efforts in 2020 👉 bit.ly/3vd7p2U

Multilateral Leadership

  • The US should increase support for key multilateral initiatives like @CEPIVaccines that help boost efforts to develop globally accessible tools against epidemic threats. Check out @GHTCoalition’s policy report for details ➡️ bit.ly/2Oc7XWa
  • .@GHTCoalition urges a greater role for @US_FDA in working alongside @WHO to provide technical support to under-resourced regulatory authorities and calls for the US to bolster global frameworks & financing for R&D capacity strengthening. 👉 bit.ly/2Oc7XWa

Photo credits, from top to bottom: World Bank/Henitsoa Rafalia, PATH/Gabe Bienczycki, PATH/Gabe Bienczycki