Dystopian Literature In The Real World Kacy L. 4th hour


The Children Of Eden is a "bubble" that nobody can get out in or out of and the people in this city called Eden are controlled by the center government. After the ecopan which was a mass computer program that crashed, created by a founding father, Aaron Al-Baz causing everything in Eden to be dead. Living by a strict rule that no family can have a second child to prevent over population. To tell the difference between first and second children the first child gets eye implants that change how their eyes look and second children can't get them so if a family decides to have a second child they are illegal and can't live outside of there homes or they go to the center prison. The people in Eden are constantly being watched by center robots called Greenshirts that catches anybody who isn't doing what the center says or they are illegal.

People in China and Eden cannot have more than one child

In The Children Of Eden there is a one child policy to control population and if you are a second child you are illegal and have to hid away from the government and if you get caught you die. In society this is like the one child policy in China where anyone with more than one child is looked down upon and were thought of as someone who was trying to ruin their population, but if you want to have a second child, one parent has to be an only child.

Everybodys eyes have to look the same or they are second children

The second children have to get lense implants into their eyes to change the way they look so they look like all the other first children in Eden and nobody can look different or the people that do are identified as the second children and they go to jail and this relates to the real world how everybody is expected to look perfect and nobody should look different or your considered 'ugly" if you don't look normal or like everybody else you get rejected by some people so you have to change how you look just like the first children in Eden.

People are being told what to do and how to live

People in Eden and in the real world are constantly having to live by peoples rules and can only do certain things and its like being trapped in a jail because in Eden if you aren't doing what you are told to do you go to jail because the city doesn't have time to put up with anybody and in the real world you are having to live by the governments laws and rules that not everybody will agree with and you have no say in those rules so you can't live freely if you are always trying to live up to peoples standards.


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