polar bears evidence of evolution



organism : [common name] polar bears

[scientific name] ursus maritimus

classification: kingdom, animals, phylum-chordate,class-mammals, order-carnivores, family-ursidae, genus-bear ursus, species-u, maritimus

habitat description - polar bears are marine mammals and spend much of their time on the artic sea ice . many adaption making polar bears uniquely suited to life in icy habitat . their fur is thicker than any other bears and cover even their feet for warmth and traction on ice.

geologic time - the polar bears which evolved from brown bears originated some 150,000 years old ,according to genetic analyses of a polar bear fossils[1774]..

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closest relatives- black bear, asiatic black bear, brown bear.

Black Bears- They both have fur skin there off spring are the same.

Asiatic Black Bears- They both are endangered species.

Brown Bears- They both are large species .

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Evidence evolution of your organism - they show the similarities between both of the animals and same function of the animals.



comparison organism- frog, horse, chicken

frog [amphibians] their foot and the knee

the frog
polar bear

Horse[mammals] they have the same lower leg

the horse
polar bear

chicken[bird] hip

polar bear

evidence of evolution - they operate the same way but they are used for different things...

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vestigial structure

dolphin - the reason why dolphin have legs is because they were walking on land

fish - they have gill but they are not using there gill

human - the human have the wisdom teeth and they are not using the gill...

explain how vestigial structure show evidence of evolution- it show that the animals have organ in there body and they are not using them..

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transitional fossils

transitional fossils

recent ancestor- brown bears, koala bears, giant panda

Brown bear-they share distinct D.N.A sequence they have the same footprint D.N.A........

brown bears- they have different terms of body size, skin, coat, color, different fur type...

koala bears- they both have the same fur......

koala bears-polar bears live around the arctic circle.koala live in the forest.......

giant panda- they are both large animals.pandas eat bamboo and polar bears eat meat...

explanation of what transitional fossil are show evidence of evolution- it show the different ancestor where the animal is originated..

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diagram of stage of development of you organsim [cite]google chrome

explanation of comparative embryology and how it provide evidence of evolution



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