Searching for peace By: Mikayla

Palace of Versailles

World War I

5 facts

1.) Wilson created a League of Nations

2.)The treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919

3.) The Senate rejected the treaty of Versailles

4.) Wilson considered running for a third term

5.) The United States never joined the League of Nations

5 facts

1.) 27 nation gathered for the Peace Confrence of 1919

2.) Wilson had a plan called the fourteen points

3.) wilson's fourteen point weren't very successful with other countries

4.) Wilson wanted rules for relation between countries

5.) Clemenceau wanted Germany broken up into smaller countries


Created with images by Jose Losada Foto - "Château de Versailles - Galería de los Espejos" • 226926 - "soldier war normandy" • koudy-vw - "Rose"

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