Emerald City Coffee An Uptown Community Hub

Emerald City Coffee is a 23-year-old coffee store, which just opened its second store in Uptown Chicago. Emerald is not only a place where people can get their morning cuppa joe but has become a community hub by holding all kinds of live events.

People are lining up in an early weekend morning for a fresh expresso to start their days.

Emerald has an art gallery where artists can sell their paintings for free.

At night, musician Phil Circle and his friends hold a concert at Emerald.

Emerald closed around 10 p.m. at that night. Storekeeper Brain Osborn packs unsold food and give them to the homeless around the street corner.

Enjoy your refreshment at 1224 W. Wilson Ave Chicago | 312-259-2676| Website

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Mengjie Jiang


credits to Mengjie Jiang

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