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Three Different Forms of Water


January 14, 2016

Water is present almost everywhere. If earth’s map is observed keenly, it is found that most of the area is blue in color, indicating the presence of water. About 71% of earth’s surface is covered with water. Water is present in oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, ice caps, as ground water and in the atmosphere. Water exists in different forms.

On earth’s surface there are three different forms of water namely solid, liquid and gaseous. Water exists in different forms due to the variations in climatic conditions. Water is very important resource as it is used for drinking, cleaning, cooking etc. It should be preserved and carefully used as it is required for the survival of life on earth.

Forms of Water on Earth

Water is being continuously used and water conservation is the major concern in the present scenario. Water cycle has helped in maintaining water on the surface of earth for thousands of years. The water circulated in water cycle takes three different forms – solid, liquid and gaseous. The solid form of water – ice, is found at the poles of the earth, the snow covered mountains and the glaciers. Liquid form is present in the rivers, lakes, seas and oceans. The gaseous form of water, water vapour is present all around us.

Water present in the oceans and seas evaporate due to sun’s heat and get converted into water vapour. Ice caps and snow can directly sublimate into water vapour. The atmosphere has lower temperatures in some parts of the world which causes water vapour to condense into tiny droplets. These tiny droplets are heavier than air and therefore may fall if not supported by any uplift. A huge concentration of these tiny droplets results in the formation of visible clouds. The cloud particles collide with dust particles and precipitation occurs.

Precipitation occurs in the form of rain or snow. Rain water falls on earth and flows to the rivers and lakes and some of the rain water is absorbed by the earth’s surface. The ground water gets replenished by rains. This cycle continues in order to maintain the water balance on the surface of the earth.

Living Water – Keeping the Balance

Dr. Mercola

In choosing the right type of water for you and your family, you want to aim for pH balance. Distilled water is too acidic and alkaline water is too alkaline. The ideal pH of your water should be between 6.5 to 7.5, which is neutral.

Mountain spring water is in this ideal range. It is some of the healthiest water on the planet because it is "living water". Living water, like "living food is in its raw, natural state the way nature intended.

One of the main reasons I am such an advocate for eating raw, organic vegetables is because these "living foods" contain biophotons, small units of light stored by all organic organisms, including you.

Gravity-fed spring water is alive in much the same way. When you take this vital energy into your body, you are re-charging it with health and encouraging it to return to a whole and balanced state.

Now, when I mention mountain spring water, I don't mean the two-gallon jugs you see sitting on your grocery store shelf. I'm talking about water you bottle yourself from a gravity-fed spring. There's a great website called FindaSpring.com where you can find a natural spring in your area. This is a great way to get back to nature and teach your children about health and the sources of clean water.

The best part is that most of these spring water sources are free!

It is important to bring either clear polyethylene or glass containers on your trip to collect the water so no unsafe chemicals can contaminate your pure drinking water on the way home. If you choose to use glass bottles, be sure to wrap them in towels to keep them from breaking in the car.


Dr Masaru Emoto a Japaneese scientist has discovered some of the amazing abilities water has. It seems that water can hold different structures depending on its where abouts or how it has been treated. Dr Masaru Emoto discovered that when you freeze droplets of water then look at them under a microscope, depending on wheather the water is from a tap, bottled water or Spring/stream, each drop freezes into a different pattern. The water from Taps and bottles freeze into distorted shapes while the water from a spring forms a beautiful crystalling pattern.

Tap water (left), spring water (right).

Emoto's other studies include: Measuring the energy contained in Japanese Spring water, compared to Muncipal tap water. The results where astonishing. The spring water measured 40,000 times more energy!





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