Impact In Action CGS Historical Cures Research

Adam Lazarchik (CGS’18, SAR’20) and Elizabeth Guerrero (CGS’18, ENG’20) are student researchers working with College of General Studies Professor Sandra Buerger to investigate historical cures for diseases. Antibiotic resistance is a growing concern in the medical community, and research being conducted at CGS attempts to find alternative solutions to this problem.

By looking at natural medicine used by Native Americans in the 1600s, these undergraduate researchers hope to find answers to today's antibiotic concerns with answers from the past.

"Coming into college, I didn't think I would even be doing research with the professor as an undergrad. It was really just a great opportunity, and it was so fun, and I learned so much." -Elizabeth Guerrero
"I am really passionate about doing research so that I can add information to the world...and CGS has been great for offering me a really well-rounded education." - Adam Lazarchik

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