energy by tanner hills

so quite a few months back we went over energy in this class we also did a cornel notes over energy.So energy it comes in many different forms ex. their is potential , kinetic,mechanical etc.just to list of the top of my head. They each stand/mean for something different so potential is how high and object is the potential of it falling. kinetic energy is anything in motion so running is kinetic energy,also electrical energy say your charging your device the energy comes from the wall into the cord and out into the device.these are all around you and things you probably don't even realize on a regular from this day i learned an overall idea of what we went over also known as a summary .in science class today i learned that all energy is related to kinetic & that energy cannot be destroyed


this converts kinetic energy into electrical energy

this takes in electrical energy then over time is thermal energy

this is just showing electrical energy flowing through the power lines


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