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Assignment 2

ORIENTATION VIDEO: What is personal branding to you?

Assignment 2

This assignment learn me how to ensure that I have the correct headshot of myself to make sure that is what I like other people perceive me as my and my brand. I made use of Photoshop and using camera raw to post edit the photo until it looks professional enough for me. I think shows that my brand is professional and of high standard.


This was a good assignment to do because it made me research all kind of trendy CV and what employers like to see on CV. I did not submit my real cd due to privacy reasons although I made a example of the what it should be looking like. Working in design is harder than I thought because it is very different form word. However I realise how important it is that all you're branding items need to have the same feel and look in order for clients to get an understanding of your style and brand.

Assignment 4

My experience was that creating a logo is the hardest part of setting up any business. Because the logo says everything of what and who you and your business are. People can easily get the wrong impression if they look at your logo it can look to serious or to not serious enough for the clients. What was easy? - It was easy to make the face book header and picking the colours and theme because I know what I like to represent. What surprised you? Doing my research it is amassing the different approaches to logo designs, I will definite promo the minimum look . I like a small graphic however lots of business only use type to make their logos. What did you wish you could do that you could not? I wish I knew How to add a border to the Face book header I would like to have a edge that hang off from the header. But will work it out because I think I should design that as part of my image that goes into the Facebook template. I enjoy this and will do more work on my final logo and header. My Link to my mock up Facebook, twitter logo


Assignment 5

My reflection of this class. As I look through the videos for this class that I always found very informative I realised how important it is to show case your work if you like to have any success in the creative business world. I set up my portfolio with some of my work and will add many more later as it takes a bit of time to ensure only your best work is online.

I would promote this ideas to any young student if they are looking at getting a job and promoting themselves .

What I really like about the bechance and portfolio is how well they are interfaced with each other. I had assignments on my Bechance page that I do not want on my portfolios pages and I courld easily just change the setting to change that. Now I only have the best work on my portfolio.

What is hard for me it the time it takes to prepare the file before uploading it because I shoot many of my work in raw meaning I always have these huge files that I need to change to an online size. Is there an easier way to do them all at once I heard of batch processing before.

Portfolio have endless options for employers who are looking for great artists and some of the portfolios I saw make me realise how many extremely creative people there are out there.

This inspires me to do better and to promote my work more. Learning the software was easy Adobe make it so easy to work between all the different Adobe apps and this make our lives as artist so much better.

To conclude portfolio is an amazing tool the best way ever to promote or showcase your work.

Final reflection

My reflection of learning was a steep learning curve because even if I do know most of the software I used in this course there was still aspects of each that I have not use before. Using spark video was the most challenging but the most rewarding when I got it to work.

This course gave me so much insight in my own business as graphic designer and lots of reminders on how important your logo and online branding is and how your clients perceive it.

These day the online branding plays an important role because the competition is very strong out there and because the technology makes the world smaller and smaller employers have so much more variety of artist to choose from.

But the artists also benefit from this as we have now so much more opportunities to showcase our work out there.

The content and assignments was of a high level and interested. Visual material was of a high standard and each of these videos was worth watching. This course remind me of how much hours it take to create all these different aspects for the online media. It is best to do it right from the start and to learn student the importance to do it correct.

The work submitted from student in this course was of a higher level as what I experience from the other courses I completed in the past.

Presenters/ tutors - like always great and supportive

Overall this was a fantastic course .


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