Homemade Dog Treats By: Tishie Nyitray

Having a pet is a big responsibility, and can get expensive. When I saw these DIY dog treats online, I knew I had to try them in an attempt to save some money.

Photo Credit: www.munchkinsandmilitary.com and Tishie Nyitray

Peanut Butter Banana Biscuits

These treats were very simple to make. The recipe was easy to follow and only had a couple of steps. I had never made batter from scratch before, so it was exciting to see the ingredients come together so quickly. My dog enjoyed these the most and one batch makes quite a lot of treats. This is perfect if you want to make a quick and easy treat for your dog.

Rate: 10/10

Photo Credit: www.showmetheyummy.com and Tishie Nyitray

Oat Ball Treats

These treats sounded really easy to make on the website, but turned out to be the most difficult. It got really messy and did not turn out as pretty as the pictures. My mixture had too much moisture so I ended up freezing them. If you end up freezing them, make sure to thaw them before giving them to your dog. I also made them too big for my dog. Overall, my dog liked them, but I don't think they were worth the time for the small amount you received.

Rate: 3/10

Photo Credit: www.biggerbolderbaking.com and Tishie Nyitray

Frozen Fruit Treats

Before you judge my attempt, hear me out. These fruit treats took the least time and were super simple. The pictures on the website were really pretty, but as you can see mine did not end up like that. I only had a chocolate mold, so I could not fit all of the fruits in. Instead, I tried to cut up the blueberries and bananas to fit, but it mixed all together. They were so small that they melted as soon as you took them out of the freezer. I think these were a fail on my part, but if you have a larger mold and prettier fruit, they could turn out really cute.

Rate: 4/10


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