Brian C your best and your worst day

Tell me about your best day and your worst day ever?

“My best and worst day was the same day. It really wasn’t just a day it was more the process of the whole thing. I found out through my life, there was a common denominator causing a lot of stress. It eventually trickled down to my mother. Typically you here of family feuds but this was on a different level, she was trying to separate everyone, never did like any of my choices even with the person who ended up being my wife.

There was just conflict and stress everywhere. I found out when I was 18 that my step dad wasn’t really my dad. She was married two times after my dad, and she was saying that all these people were bad. I thought, well I didn’t need to meet my dad because he was bad, when all the people around me were telling me “why not at least inquire about it?” And then you hear people say things about your mom and all the little pieces start getting put together. Finally the catalyst comes and you realize you can’t deal with it anymore, this relationship is toxic.

The hard thing is severing a relationship with your biological mother. The great thing is it opened up everything else. I got reunited with my biological dad, got stronger with my brother, all these connections started coming out, holidays are pleasant now.

My worst day ended up being my best day.”

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