Milton Hershey By: Jeffry Pesek

Where, when, and with whom did it all begin?

It began in Lancaster Pennsylvania, while Milton apprenticed a candy maker at age 14. During his apprenticeship, Milton got hooked on candy making. 4 years later Milton borrowed $150 from his Aunt and opened his own candy shop. Which he had open for 5 years, then closed down to move back in with his father, due to poor business.

What obstacles did Milton have to overcome?

Milton has had three failing businesses before he actually got it right. His first business in Philadelphia wasn't very successful, later followed by two failing businesses in Chicago and New York. He then Created his first successful business Lancaster Candy Company.

How did he come up with the idea?

He initially came up with the idea of Candy making during his apprenticeship as a teenager. He was fascinated with the process of making candy and loved the idea of owning his own candy company.

But in Denver, Milton discovered Carmel while working with a candy perfectionist. He discovered how caramel could be made using fresh milk. He then started his first successful business, known as the Lancaster Candy Company, which he later sold in 1900 for $1 million.

What set this Milton apart from others?

Milton was a very good boss, he treated his workers very well. He invested in his community by donating money to build schools, parks, churches, recreational facilities, and housing for his employees and their families. He even had a trolley system for them to use to get around.

What is unique about Milton/Hershey Candy Company?

The most unique part of Hershey Candy Company was he invention of the Hershey Kiss. The Hershey Kiss, invented in 1907, was named by Milton himself and the wrapper was later patented in 1924. The Hershey Kiss skyrocketed The Hershey Candy Company's sales. Hershey Kisses are still loved and bought by millions of people everyday.

What would you say were the keys to success?

Milton's key to success was his passion. Ever since his apprenticeship as a teen, Milton loved the idea of making candy.

Milton gave back to people in need as well as his employees. Making your employees happy is key to success because they are the ones that are creating your product and make your business run.

Summarize the legacy of this entrepreneur

Milton Hershey was an incredible entrepreneur. He had a passion for his business and he loved sharing that with others. Milton has changed the way candy is known to each and everyone of us today through his products. Milton Hershey has created Hershey Candy Company, and now his products are shared with everyone throughout the world.


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