Press Kit Fragments of the past - the role-playing game

Kickstarter | Spring 2022

Dive into Fragments of the Past

Fragments of the Past is a TTRPG based on a series of illustrated books.

Inspired by the vast worldbuilding of Tolkien, Homer and the archaeology of the Bronze-Age, Fragments of the Past echoes the civilizations and myths of the archaic Mediterranean Sea.

It is a journey into a lost past that could have been and was not.

Hear the roar of the deep blue sea furrowed by distant ships and the hypnotic song of cicadas in a hot Summer morning.

Behold the Golden Disk of the Sun vanishing behind crimson clouds on the horizon.

May you be blessed by the Immortal Gods.

Fact Sheet

Author & Illustrator: Massimiliano Nigro

Publisher: Dev9k Games

Kickstarter: Spring 2022

Quickstart available through Newsletter subscription since: June 07, 2021

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Age Range: 16+

Player Count: 1 - 5 + the Storyteller

What to expect

  • A vast, historical, low fantasy worldbuilding.
  • Evocative and immersive illustrations.
  • A light rules system to allow Storytellers and players to focus on the story. Roll a d10 or a d100 and be ready to fight for your life under tall pines, or become the Tirant of a city.
  • A Quickstart of +110 pages, +40 illustrations, with the complete rule-set and the ready to play Adventure-Tragedy "The Destiny of the Moray Eels-City".




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Cover Art and Press Photos

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Interview Requests

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Massimiliano Nigro - Author, Illustrator

Antonio Scacchetti - IT, Kickstarter Manager

Silvia Furghieri - Project Manager, Strategist and PR

Daniele Nigro - Video Artist and Advertising

Olga Bokareva - English Editor

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Created By
Silvia Furghieri