Press Kit Fragments of the past - the role-playing game

Kickstarter | Spring 2022

Dive into Fragments of the Past

Fragments of the Past is a TTRPG based on a series of illustrated books.

Inspired by the vast worldbuilding of Tolkien, Homer and the archaeology of the Bronze-Age, Fragments of the Past echoes the civilizations and myths of the archaic Mediterranean Sea.

It is a journey into a lost past that could have been and was not.

Hear the roar of the deep blue sea furrowed by distant ships and the hypnotic song of cicadas in a hot Summer morning.

Behold the Golden Disk of the Sun vanishing behind crimson clouds on the horizon.

May you be blessed by the Immortal Gods.

Fact Sheet

Author & Illustrator: Massimiliano Nigro

Publisher: Dev9k Games

Kickstarter: Spring 2022

Quickstart available through Newsletter subscription since: June 07, 2021

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Age Range: 16+

Player Count: 1 - 5 + the Storyteller

What to expect

  • A vast, historical, low fantasy worldbuilding.
  • Evocative and immersive illustrations.
  • A light rules system to allow Storytellers and players to focus on the story. Roll a d10 or a d100 and be ready to fight for your life under tall pines, or become the Tyrant of a city.
  • A Quickstart of +110 pages, +40 illustrations, with the complete rule-set and the ready to play Adventure-Tragedy "The Destiny of the Moray Eels-City".


Contacts & Assets


silvia [@] dev9k [.] com

Review Copies

Are you interested in reviewing our TTRPG and/or narrative artbook? Just e-mail silvia [@] dev9k [.] com presenting yourself and the media you are collaborating with to receive a digital copy. If you are a blogger, Youtuber or streamer, please include links to your channels.

Media & Brand Assets

All press material should only be used connected to the game or narrative artbook. If you want to use the images for another purpose, please contact us at massi [@] dev9k [.] com for approval. Always make sure to state the author name, Massimiliano Haematinon Nigro, when using an image from Fragments of the Past - Dev9k.

Interview Requests

If you are interested in interviewing anyone in the Dev9k team, please email silvia [@] dev9k [.] com


Massimiliano Nigro - Author, Illustrator

Antonio Scacchetti - IT, Kickstarter Manager

Silvia Furghieri - Project Manager, Strategist and PR

Daniele Nigro - Video Artist and Advertising

Olga Bokareva - English Editor

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Created By
Silvia Furghieri