Good Life Tour of the Harn By: Lexis Fisher

Medium of Art/ Technique of Artist

American Abstract Exhibit

This artwork stood out to me because this was the first bold piece I saw when I walked into the museum. It was front and center to grab attention. I found this piece eye appealing because sculptures are the most interesting pieces of art in my opinion. The medium is sculpture. This strikes me in a way that makes me feel powerful. The use of bright, bold colors show strength as well as fluidity within the piece. Abstract works show that there is more than what meets the eye. Using abstract shows that things can be complicated in the world and how it can be portrayed into art. There are multiple layers in this work as there are multiple layers in humans. The work spoke to me in a way to say that it you can be strong, bold, intricate, and guarded at the same time. The work really exemplified me as a person and how I see myself.

Design of the museum

Photos of the museum and its layout.

The layout of the museum was very spacious. It was an open layout with many wings. The Paul and Marshall Garden exhibit was the most interesting to me as seen in the second photo above. The exhibit was my favorite because it had chairs that you could sit in and look at the garden. The garden was so peaceful. The lighting was dull around the outside of the exhibit and in the garden there was what looked to be natural sunlight that came down through to shine on the garden. The exhibit made me feel at ease and peaceful. The museum had a lot of seating where there were there was natural lighting coming in or a huge piece of art work.

Art and Core Values

Two exhibits that appeal to my core values by Amazigh People and Carrie Seems.

These two works appeal to my core values. The first work is a Woman's Wedding Ensemble. Egyptian women wore a wedding ensemble every day for seven days before the wedding. The reason this appeals to my core values is because I hold marriage high in my values. Marriage to me, is a sacred bond that two people achieve and that should never be broken. It is one of the most stable bonds besides the one I have with God. So to see this ensemble really showed me that other people hold marriage to a higher standard just as myself. To go through all the effort of changing your outfit every day to show that you are committed to the relationship and the excitement for the coming bond. It made me feel more hope in the bond of marriage. The second image is a mother and daughter sitting at a dining room table. This appeals to my values because mother daughter relationships are very important to me. My mother is my best friend, advice giver, basically my go to person. This work made me feel that this bond is something every girl should have with their mother. These works help me cherish my values and know that others feel the same as me too.

Art and the Good Life

Exhibit by Sabastiao Salgado

This was a designated stop on the good life self tour of the Harn. The photo was pointed out as an example of the good life in art. I stopped to wonder why this exact photo was chosen by the museum and/or professors. When I took a deeper look at the photo you see a big city with millions of people in and surrounding it. This photo really made me think of the "fighting for the good life" module. The reason why I say this is because all of the people surging to the big city are on the look to make a name for themselves. They are all trying to win in the game of who can get the best job that will make them achieve the good life. Who will succeed, and who will fail trying to succeed. This photo to me really embodies what fighting for the good life looks like. It is messy, its dark, and its a fight with millions of people, but yet, we can still find courage to push through and succeed what we want to gain the good life.

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