Drawing and Painting Emmalee Westgate

Graphite drawing of obect

Problem to Solve: Refresh your knowlege of graphite by recording the highlights, shadows, and reflective light cast upon a sphere or simple object.

Doing this graphite drawing helped me review how to show contrast and get more familiar with graphite.

Charcoal drawing of spoon on gray paper

Problem to Solve: Expand your knowlege of value and material by using charcoal to create the illusion of a spoon. Allow the grey paper to show through your drawing and represent your midtones.

I had some difficulty with the lip of the spoon and making it curve down in. This really helped me with see the light and highlights.

Colored pencil object drawing

Problem to Solve: Add the variable of color to your knowlege of value. Observe and record the hue, value, and color intensity cast upon a simple colored object under a spotlight. Optional Challenge: Place the colored object within a differing colored corner of a box to record the colored reflective light cast upon both surfaces.

This was a lot of fun to draw. I liked seeing how the light reflected off of the shape onto the paper. It was rather difficult though because with colored pencils you can't make that many layers due to the waxy coat.

Composition presentation

Learned what composition actually was. I also learned just how much composition contributes to the overal emotion of the drawing.

Emotional interpretation response

Problem to Solve: Observe the visual clues in the artworks and use them to decode your own emotional interpretation.

I feel a desire to unwrap all of the oranges. It seems like the unwrapped oranges are mocking the wrapped ones.

Object Possesing emotion

Problem to Solve:Create an image of an object in such a way that it feels like it possesses an emotion.

PPF layered artwork

Problem to Solve: Utilize the ink wash technique to accurately replicate an image of a significant setting in your past.

Before this assignment I didn't even know what an ink wash was. It was really difficult for me to get the correct values in the correct place and show the textures of the trees.

SketchBook Assignments

iPad insert

Problem to Solve: Use the template paper provided to design an original "your name" artwork to be displayed in your ipad case.

I did my name in kind of a abstract/graffiti way. I really like this style. I also like the geometrical shapes. Initially they were just going to be black and white but I decided to give it a nice rainbow effect to make it pop.

Personal logo

Problem to Solve: Design a personal mark, symbol, icon or logo which could be used in a resume, portfolio, business card, etc. Your design will have a black and white version and a multiple color version.

The dark areas is to represent my fears. The feathers are supposed to represent me almost trying to escape my fears and bad thaughts but I just floating there.

Stencil design

Problem to Solve: Transform an existing photograph into a stencil design.

I learned how to make a stencil and how important it is to advoid islands in making stencils.

White drawing on black background

Problem to Solve: Draw a simple object of your choice from observation by recording the light values and highlights on the object.

Learned how to create a object starting in only a black space and only using different values of white.

Phobia illustration

For this sketchbook assignment you will create an illustration that depicts a phobia. This can be a phobia that you may have already or one that you find interesting or different. How will you depict the phobia you have chosen? Check out the website phobialist.com for a list of phobias that will help generate some ideas. Aim to create an image that temporarily gives us the phobia chosen.

Learned how to successfully convey a fear through a drawing.

Coming together or falling apart

Problem to Solve: Design an image that communicates something, someone, or some idea coming together or falling apart.

All of the pizza ingrediants are coming together to create a beautiful pizza. Learned how to show coming together through food.

Tattoo for a teacher

problem to solve:Design a tattoo for a teacher. Use color. Write a paragraph explaining how the design reflects the teacher you chose.

Learned how to show a hatred of an object and connect with an actual person. I did a block of cheese because monseuir hates cheese.

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