Indigenous Peoples the australian Aborigines, native Americans, the Maoris

The Australian Aborigines had already lived on the continent for more then 40. 000 years when the Europeans "discovered" Australia. The Australian Aborigines used to be nomads. They would wander across the country, searching for food and water. The history of the tribes was often performed in music and songs.Many tourists to Australia bring back a souvenir didgeridoo, a traditional instrument played by aborigines. When the Europeans came to Australia, there were more than 300 languages varieties spoken by the Aborigines. today, only 20 of these languages varieties are not endangered. Many aborigines died because of the diseases the Europeans brought with them.
According to theory the first people in North America wandered across the continent from Asia. Among the American Indians you find both nomadic tribes and permanent settlements. Some Native American lives on reservations, which is land set aside for them by the government. In North America there are hundred of different tribal languages, some are about to die out with the older generation.

By Saba Ch. and Lilja Margret


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