The Franks By: nina mardjetko

The Franks were the civilization that restored peace throughout the Europe region after the fall of the Roman Empire because of their strong political leaders and their major expansion throughout history.


Charlemagne, the king of the Carolingian Dynasty quotes, “Right action is better than knowledge; but in order to do what is right, we must know what is right.”

The Franks political system controlled the largest and strongest of Europe's kingdoms. From 751-987 the Carolingian Dynasty began, the Carolingian Dynasty was a family that would control the Frankish territory. Charlemagne was considered the greatest of the leaders in the Dynasty. Charlemagne was crowned emperor by Pope Leo III in Italy. Charlemagne's secretary Enhard quotes, "Charlemagne was the most potent prince with the greatest skill and success in different countries during the forty-seven years of his reign. Great and powerful as was the realm of Franks, Karl [Charlemagne] received from his father Pippin, he nevertheless so splendidly enlarged it... that he almost doubled it."

Charlemagne's kingdom was a huge reason why Europe was pulled out of the dark ages because he tried to unite all the people of Europe as one group, in which he conquered many lands to do this.


The social life for civilians in the Frankish territory was not very education based.

The social life of the Frank civilians was very divided. The Franks were not very literate and could not read and write. Not only could the Frank civilians not read or write but language was not understood. The reason the language was not understood was because of different dialects. The only people literate were priests and some church officials. The social classes were shown through feudalism, where the monarchs were at the very top and the peasants were at the very bottom. Within the territory was two different civilizations, the Merovingian Kingdom and the Carolingian Dynasty.

The social aspect of the Frankish kingdom was another important way the Franks pulled Europe out of the dark ages because the socitey within the empire helped bring everyone together because of religious and political beliefs.


All the western territory was conquered, the old Roman Empire, except Africa, Britain, Southern Italy, and southern Spain.

Charlemagne conquered many new lands throughout the south and east, which helped him gain more land for his empire. Charlemagne's greatest geography movement was the Battle of Tours victory. The Battle of Tours was when the Islamic group tried to take over the fallen Roman Empire region but Charlemagne stopped the invasion and pushed them back.

Throughout the time of Charlemagne's reign, he conquered many lands which helped unite Europe as one to help the dark ages come to an end.


Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne king, showing how involved the church was in politics as well.

In the Frankish civilization, religion was the most important thing. The church was extremely powerful because of an alliance formed between the church and the kingdom. Clovis, a king within the Carolingian Dynasty, converted to Christianity, where many civilians followed. As Charlemagne conquered new lands, Christianity spread as well.

As another way to unite the people as one, the Franks kingdom involved the Christian church in politics because it pulled everyone in the empire to be as one group.


Jewelry, such as this brooch, was a popular type of art in the Migration Period.

Art was important character in the social life of the civilians for the Franks. This period of art was called the Migration Period. During the Migration Period, the most popular kind of art was jewelry, weapons and clothing. But most of the art was not preserved so there is not many artifacts left from this period.

The art from the Franks empire was very important because even though most of it was not preserved the pieces that were show how the Franks united everything and everyone as one big group.


The civilians did not have much because of how poor the economy was.

The economy of the Frank territory was very poor. After the fall of the Roman Empire, trade majorly declined. The main crops in the region were barley, wheat, oats, peas and beans, which were very important to society. All parts of cattle and other animals were used, for example the fur would be used for clothing and the meat would be used for food.

The trading outside of the Franks empire showed a crucial change in Europe because of the Franks uniting everyone together to make the economy and life better in Europe for everyone.

The Franks were the reason that Europe was pulled out of the dark ages because Charlemagne and everyone in the empire united with each other and fought the dark ages to end.

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