Aisling O'Donnell Kabwe, VP17

Myself and 10 wonderful women spent 6 weeks teaching in Makululu compound, Kabwe, Zambia. Makululu welcomed us with open arms, piles of nshima (maize) and daily renditions of their national anthem.

We quickly got accustomed to the Chitenges - even if mine did fall down in front of the class on the second day!

We spent our mornings playing with nursery and our afternoons with Grade 6.

There were 80 students in our Grade 6 class so as you can imagine it was a bit hectic but we just embraced the madness!

We held a sports day near the end of the six weeks. I can safely say it was one of the best days we had.

Note to self; don't do a sponge race with people 5 inches shorter than you
Let me introduce you to some friends - on the left is Justin who was a MASSIVE fan of bubbles. On the right is Emmanuel and Chanda, the self proclaimed 'big boys' of Grade 6.
Margaret or 'Baby Maggie' was the youngest member of the school at 3 years old, she was also the hardiest. On the right Matthews and Princess are either side of me. Matthews never stopped smiling. Princess wants to be a doctor.
Irene, Stela, Dorothy, Monica and Christopher were a very driven group of friends. Each of their hands would shoot up in response to questions in class. On the left are John and Happy. John wasn't too pleased with his new haircut while Happy was very amused by it.

Zambia was the best experience of my life. VP18 I know it will be the best experience of your lives also! Go out and experience it.

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