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A Little About Me As An Artist

From a very young age I have been in contact with photography along with different types of arts through classes in school, exhibits and museums, newspapers or websites, literature, etc. Learning about art has always been the most exciting thing for me from the beginning.

I am a girl full of life and adventures. Coming from a rural background, I have lived my entire life in a farmhouse in suburbs of Baroda, Gujarat, India and so I have always found myself connected to nature. The way of living my life affects my work in a subtle way. Due to excessive traveling and going on different types of adventures since the age of 5, I am fascinated with traveling and studying about landscapes and architectural spaces, and also exploring new culture, meet new people and try food of different places. I was and am still active in sports. I am a national medalist Gymnast. I have learned each lesson in my life through the way I was nurtured. All the beautiful places I saw, stories and memories that I had created while growing up got me interested in photography, and photographs became a medium to share my stories in an artistic way.

Humdrum New Yorkers
Either it's Black or it's White
It's Dark but She's Bright

In my undergraduate course I am specializing in photojournalism and social documentary, interior and architecture photography, but I am also open to explore different genre of art and photography. I am an artist who likes to talk about different places, their culture and most importantly their natural aspect. I have adopted the medium of photography to show the reciprocity between the nature and urbanization, and try to convey the message of nature conservation or the importance of nature’s presence along with the urbanization, sometimes I also tend to talk about life and motivation in a philosophical way. While growing up I came across some really devastating social issues, mostly related to gender and therefore I like to emphasize more on gender discrimination and edifying women. I want to aware and awaken the people to overcome their rigid way of thinking and make our beautiful planet a better place to live.

The Contrast
Through the Dawn
I am lost in my head
It ain't empty … It's filled with memories
We are controversial ...
Crowded by Knowledge
Blue Tranquility
Interiors - Wyndham Grand at Clearwater Beach, Fl
Tampa, Fl
Interiors - Wyndham Grand at Clearwater Beach, Fl
Once Bare Reality which Now Seems Surreal
Caught in the Moment
Pink Reality

Colors Through The Day

This is a series of six self portraits depicting my journey throughout the day and how I associate the colors with my moods. It is inspired from some observations on how colors played a major role for my moods because wearing a certain color has always made me feel a particular feeling.

Before I wake up everyday black is all that I see - darkness before the dawn.

Mornings, usually calm and happy going - like a bright blue sky with no rainbow.

Around midday my temper kicks in - empty stomach driving my brain crazy like an ambulance with red siren.

Oh dearest afternoon you are the happiest time of the day - yellow sunshine on my way home with my inner kid coming out on streets with other kids.

My evenings are filled with romance and relaxation - a shade darker than the calming lavender.

I sleep with all my colors and that's what makes my day a memorable one. Every color of the day makes my day worth living and I try to live the every bit of it.
My Reflections
Created By
Gopi Patel