Pop- Art Project Abbie O'Farrell Class-3A

March 30th- Today in class I basically finished up working on my cover pages. I used water colored-pencils and normal Prisma colored pencils. When using the normal ones I applied more pressure to add enfaces to the gears and blank spots. I did this to avoid all of the designs being too chaotic and not being able to properly concentrate on the big picture.

March 28th- Today in class I began to outline my cover pages. I used both fine and thick point sharpies to go over all of my pencil designs. When going over the small designs within the gears I used the fine point so that the marker did not accidentally bleed and clump the tiny designs together. When going over the large designs which were the gears and dividing lines I chose the thick sharpie to add enfaces to the bigger picture. I am super anxious but excited to add color next class, coloring is the most time consuming for me but also the most fun!

March 24th- Today in class I began taking my sketches from my sketch book and putting them onto my big paper. I first sketched all of the big gears and lines and after went in and drew the designs. I used all pencil and drew very lightly incase of mistakes happening. Next class I'm really excited to apply sharpie I think it will look a lot less chaotic and start to look more put together!

March 22nd- I began todays class by sketching many small designs that could potentially be my cover pages. I was pretty unhappy with what I was coming up with but after some thought I decided to do the gears of a clock. I drew a full page sketch of what I wanted it to look like. I erased many times, changed a few minor things and decided I wanted my cover pages to be circle instead of full rectangles. I wanted something a little bit smaller and different than the full pages and figured the circles would be perfect!

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