Inmate 24922

Jail, a few years ago

Don’t know how long it’s been

Chalk Lines, on wall

Rain while sleeping

Chalk lines gone

Don’t know how long it’s been

Murdered my brother

Beat in his head

That shovel buried him

Weeds, on his body

No one would know.

No one would know

A terrible thing.

Can’t take anything back,

Wish my days washed away,

Like the chalk of my days,

Now a good person

Help others, patient now

Didn’t kill my wife.

Go back to her.

Forgive her.

Release me.

Good person.


Words borrowed from "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer Created with images by Tama66 - "lost places window grid" • tinanwang - "Murder" • tpsdave - "man working shovel" • sspiehs3 - "god religion cross"

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