Nicaragua 1980's

When did this conflict occur? 1979-1990

Ashley C

Where did this conflict occur? In Nicaragua. It was a war between the Sandinistas, which were communists, and the Contras, who were capitalists in the US.

Alexa C

Who was involved? United States and Contras vs the Sandinistas.

Ashley and Alexa

What caused the conflict? The conflict was caused by the Somoza dynasty taking control in a brutal dictatorship. The United States helped the Contras to overthrow the Somozas dictatorship because the United States did not want communism to spread. The United States is against the Sandinistas because they're communists.

Alexa and Ashley

How did this conflict affect the country? The country was affected by the dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza. They were treated unfair and weren't educated and were compared to animals. The people just needed to work hard rather than be treated as a human.

Ashley C

Is Nicaragua currently a democracy? Nicaragua is currently a representative democratic republic.

Alexa C

Did this event decrease or increase tension between the Soviet Union, United States, or China? The United States blocked loans from the Contras which stressed Nicaraguans more because they were in 1.6 million dollars in debt from Somoza was no longer in the government. United States also made restrictions on trading with Nicaragua.

The foreign policy that is involved with the Nicaraguan Revolution is containment. This foreign policy is contained by the United States helping the Contras soeze the communism that was happening in control of the Augusto Sandinista. Another foreign policy could be the domino theory because the United States feared communism would spread everywhere if they took control of Nicaragua.

Alexa C

This is a photo of Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua. He causes suspicion due to his past actions. Based on our research, Daniel Ortega robbed a bank, murdered a national guardsmen, was convicted of sexual abuse of his stepdaughter, and many more dangerous things.

If Nicaragua became communists, the effect would be that they lose their freedoms. The government takes control of the majority of their life choices.

The Contra War is considered a hot spot in Nicaragua because if the United States couldn't stop the Sandinistas from taking control, then communism would speed up around the world. The United States is a capitalist country and would not try to spread a communism around the world is they believe that the people deserve some freedoms.

The Iran Contra affair occurred during the Contra war. In the 1980s, the president of the United States, Ronald Reagan, provides help secretly the Nicaragua anti-Contras. This allows them to buy weapons. He decides to make this decision in order to help the Contras during he war and to save American hostages.

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