Digital - New doors to storytelling

Using digital to share the storyteller's vision

Dom's story - version #1

Story - Version #1

Version #2 - new tool

What? Waze brought us to the ferry?

But we're going to be late!

With the family - rocking the red shoes - Power Move!

Dominique, Why is there a Chanel purse on your slide?

And it's all about the Tau! Static or Diffuse?

Alternative ending #1 - NOT!

Thinking about their own big moment to come

Gluten free, of course!

Alternative ending #2 - Dr. Dom, at last!

And employed as the director of science and communications at the KIF1 foundation already!


For each of the first three sections, I've used references above the bolded statement and examples and applications below the bolded statement. I then followed it with two versions of my granddaughter's PhD Thesis Defense...

Additional influences from Entrances and Exits: https://editionsatplay.withgoogle.com/#!/detail/free-entrances-and-exits and Rebuilding Haiti

“Gaming: Storytelling on a Small Scale” (The New Digital Storytelling, ch 6) by Bryan Alexander 

“Chapter 5: Social Media Storytelling” by Bryan Alexander in New Digital Storytelling


Created with images by moren hsu - "有时候我们自己喜欢一张照片 不是因为它的构图,它的色调 而是刚好遇上 那一刻的心情" • Riccardo Annandale - "untitled image" • Peter Forster - "This angle allows eager onlookers to see the silhouette of a bear in Antelope Canyon" • Jens Lelie - "Forking forest path" • Ian Schneider - "untitled image" • Charles Deluvio - "Toshi the black pug" • Wesley Tingey - "Focus check." • Rob Laughter - "Foresight"